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Tips for a Beautiful Breakfast Nook: Designing a Breakfast Nook You’ll Love to Wake up To

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Thinking of creating a breakfast nook space in your home? Breakfast Nook Tips & Ideas  |  Kitchen Remodeling Chanhassen MNWhether you’re remodeling your kitchen or just looking to add a little bit of extra seating to the area you have, here are some tips that could make all the difference in creating a space you’ll fall in love with:

1. Keep it Cozy & Comfortable — A nook is just that, a small part of your home, set-aside for a specific purpose.  In this case, as a small eating and lounging area, assumedly with a table and chairs of some sort.  Don’t feel like your breakfast nook has to be any larger than the corner of a room, or whatever you have to work with, in order to make it a reality.  Spaciousness is not a priority here.  Comfy seating is.

2. Include an Element of Softness – Whether it’s a cushioned pillow seat, a warm rug, or an all-out wrap-around sofa bench that surrounds your table, your nook needs something soft.  When you’re transitioning from your pillow to the place you have your coffee in the morning (not quite entirely awake we assume), something cushiony is the right kind of go-between before you start your day.

3.  Add Some Storage — No doubt a breakfast nook doesn’t need much.  But it might need a place for you to store the morning paper, your journal, or just extra napkins.  Keeping a storage basket nearby or including a row of cubbies or a small cabinet is a smart kind of idea.

4. Make it Artful – This space should be warm and inviting.  Creativity is good here.  Since it’s a small space, your choice of style or color is not going to overwhelm your home.  So find some decor you love but where maybe too afraid to use elsewhere, and go for it.  Add color to the wall, or stock the corner with fresh flowers.  Whatever makes you breathe in relaxation and beauty, this is the place for it.

5. Light it Up — If you’re going to lounge, read, and ok sometimes even eat breakfast in this space, you need to be able to see.  Selecting a spot near a window is great, but if that’s not possible — or even if it is — adding a light fixture (think drop-down pendant light) over your breakfast nook is an excellent idea that will brighten your morning even more.

Looking for some beautiful breakfast nook inspiration?  Check out this photo story by hgtv and these ideas on houzz!

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Making the Most of Your Bathroom Storage: An Organized Bathroom with Style

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Organized, clean, and calming. Isn’t that how we’d all like our bathroom described?  After all, a bathroom may be one of the smallest spaces in our home, but it’s where we start and end each day!

Bathroom Remodeler Twin Cities MN

In a bathroom, a lot of items compete for a little bit of space, making bathroom organization sometimes hard to manage.  What type of storage solutions do you really need?  Here are some tools that might make a big difference:

1. BUILT-INS — Built-ins are better suited to the small space of a bathroom than you might think:

  • Even the smallest wall space can accommodate new shelving when built right and open shelves save space by not having doors that swing open.
  • Recessed built-ins can take advantage of the hollow spaces hiding behind your drywall — consider a recessed medicine cabinet, floor-to-ceiling cabinets, or cubbies in your shower.

2. VANITIES — Make the most of this bathroom staple, by consider these vanity twists:

  • The Vanity Tower – A fabulous way to add storage without taking up more floor space, the vanity tower sits on top of your bathroom counter, like an upper cabinet. Easily adaptable to your bathroom’s style, vanity towers can even feature glass doors or open shelves to give the illusion of a more open space.
  • Open Shelf Vanity – Vanity furniture pieces with shelving are becoming more popular. These pieces creatively and practically store your daily necessities, when you combine with baskets or other containers to maintain a clean look.

3. CABINETS — Take your typical cabinet up a notch:

  • Open Shelf Cabinets – Consider built-in cabinetry with no doors for the flexibility to use baskets, trays, or other containers.
  • Drawers – Including drawers in your cabinets is an efficient way to maximize your bathroom storage. Consider installing small drawers with dividers for makeup, or a specialty drawer for larger items.

4. BASKETS — When in doubt, add a basket! Options for color, styles, and textures are endless. And the storage possibilities are fun, exciting and oh-so-helpful:

  • Keep small items organized on open shelves.
  • Artfully display toilet paper rolls.
  • Gather towels or washcloths.
  • Hide your hair dryer, cord and all!

Need some visuals?  Check out these images on bathroom storage ideas featured on Houzz for some starter inspiration!

Looking to add more storage to your bathroom? Considering a bathroom remodel?  Sass Construction would love to help! Serving Eden Prairie, Chaska, Chanhassen, Edina, Bloomington, and more throughout the West Metro area in MN.

Project Feature: Eden Prairie Kitchen Remodel | Kitchen Remodeler Eden Prairie MN

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

The homeowners of this 1970s Eden Prairie rambler longed for an updated kitchen with an open feel and more storage.  The wall between the small dining room and kitchen made both spaces feel cramped, and the kitchen cabinetry setup didn’t allow for enough storage or prep space.

They enlisted us to help them create a brand new kitchen and dining area, and within four weeks we transformed the space into a beautiful, roomy kitchen with warm accents!  This remodel included:

  • Wall removal: Removing the wall between the kitchen and dining area provided the open concept the homeowners wanted.
  • All new cabinetry: New Dura Supreme cabinets (in Maple with a cinnamon stain) feature soft-close hinges, full extension soft-close drawers, and amble storage space.  Cabinetry was added to the dining area as well.
  • New countertops: Granite countertops were used in both the kitchen and dining room.
  • A peninsula with room for stools:  The homeowners had hoped for a kitchen island, but the layout didn’t allow for one.  We suggested a peninsula, and they embraced the idea as a perfect fit!  The peninsula allows for additional prep space and doubles as a breakfast-nook / overflow seating area.
  • New flooring: Luxury vinyl plank floors now covers the extent of the kitchen and dining space.
  • Tile backsplash & new paint: An earthy-toned tile backsplash and fresh coat of paint gives the room a sophisticated, polished feel!

The homeowners love their new kitchen and dining area, and we were honored to help transform their home into a welcoming place to eat, dine, and gather.  See the before and after photos below!

Ready for a kitchen transformation of your own?  Connect with us here at Sass Construction to chat about your kitchen remodel options today!  Construction and remodeling help serving Eden Prairie, Chanhassen, Edina, Bloomington, and more!

Top Three Tips for a Successful Bathroom Remodel | Chanhassen MN Design-Build Bathroom Remodeler

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

While there are a lot of pieces to the bathroom remodel puzzle, here are our top 3 tips for creating a successful bathroom remodeling experience. 

3_After Chanhassen Bathroom Remodel

1. Plan Ahead. Know your budget, gather visuals of what you want your new bathroom to look like, and work with an architect or your remodeler on a specific design. Using online tools like Pinterest or houzz is a fantastic way to store your ideas so that you can effectively communicate them with your contractor or designer.

2. Prioritize the Small Things.  Don’t underestimate the lesser-thought-of aspects of a bathroom that can make a big difference in its final look and feel.  While your first thoughts may be on the tub or tile, lighting for instance, will play a huge role in your bathroom, as will knobs and fixtures. For a peek at some inspiring bathrooms, click here to view an array of bath styles featured by House Beautiful.

3. Do it Right.  The last thing you want is a remodeled bathroom that is subject to mold and mildew later.  Moisture is a bathroom’s greatest enemy (and also one of its main components), so make sure you prioritize ventilation, as well as all aspects of quality construction.  Read more on purchasing the proper ventilation fan here, and always have an expert designer or remodeler help in construction and planning to make sure you won’t have hard-to-fix regrets later.

If you’re looking for the nitty-gritty, you can find an in-depth guide to bathroom remodel planning stages from hgtv here!

Looking for a design-build experience for your bathroom here in the Twin Cities? Connect with us at Sass Construction. Creating exceptional home remodeling experiences in Chanhassen, Chaska, Eden Prairie, Edina, Minneapolis, and more for over 30 years!

Adding Touches of Summer to Your Home | Home Design and Decor Ideas Twin Cities MN

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Along with the warm weather and green grass come cravings to immerse ourselves in all-things-summer, lest we never forget its beautiful, sun-drenched glory.  One way to keep summer in our midst at all times is to bring touches of the outdoors in.  Here are a few ideas to give summertime the center stage in your home:

Summer Decor Ideas | Sass Construction Remodeling

Glimpses of the Garden – Fresh cut flowers are an easy way to add a touch of summer to the home, so bring some in!  In addition to floral arrangements, try using other accents of the garden as decor.  Experiment with using bright colored pots in unexpected ways, like to hold your ice bucket or filled with an array of candles.

Keep it Light – Heavy fabrics remind us of winter.  If you have throw blankets over your sofa or pillows with wool or heavy fabrics, swap them out for lightweight versions.  You may want to use summer weight towels in the bathroom and kitchen too — in a summery color please!

Color Galore – Add bright colored accents to your tabletops or living room setting.  Bring in bright colored trays, pillows, table runners, vases, and other items that will add a little punch wherever you look.  Summer is not a season for drab — pinks, aquas, oranges, yellows, and reds take center stage.

Scents of the Season – We associate winter with cinnamon and fragrant fir trees, likewise summer with the smell of fresh floral blossoms and tropical fruits!  Splurge on a couple luxurious candles in yummy scents and breathe-in a season of summertime memories.

Here’s to enjoying our Minnesota summers to the fullest!

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Remodeling with Investment in Mind (Part 2) | Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Minneapolis MN

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

In our last blog we talked about how much value a kitchen remodel can bring to your home.  If you’re excited to remodel, but are not sure how long you plan to be in your home, you might want to approach your remodel with a slightly different angle.

Minneapolis Kitchen Remodeler | Kitchen Remodeling Twin Cities

Here are a few tips for remodeling with investment in mind:

Value —  You’ll want to create a kitchen that reflects the value of the area you live in.   Be careful about designing an elaborate kitchen for a neighborhood that won’t reap it’s value.  But it’s equally important that you don’t cut-corners on a kitchen in an otherwise luxurious home and neighborhood!

Style —  It can be tempting to pour your own style and personal touches into a kitchen.  And this is not a bad thing!  But if you’re concerned about selling, select a refreshed updated look that still suits the style of your home.  If a new buyer falls in love with the arts and crafts style of your home’s exterior, they might be surprised to find the overly-modern kitchen inside.  Don’t design separate rooms with styles that clash.  When in doubt, go for a transitional style that merges traditional with more contemporary looks.

Energy — Invest in energy-efficient appliances.  Not only do they save you money as they use less energy, potential buyers see them as a wallet-friendly bonus when shopping for a new home.  Read what energy star has to say about saving big with appliances on their fact sheet here.

Functionality – Whether you’re thinking of yourself or future buyers, organizational elements are a big hit with everyone! Invest in features like drawers for your cabinetry and pantry, soft-close cabinets, waste-recycling cabinetry space, and other organizational aspects.  A well organized kitchen never goes out of style.

Ready to get started?  Check out these Top 8 Kitchen Remodeling Trends and see if any of them might be good fits for your new, improved kitchen!

Connect with us here at Sass Construction to start talking about your new kitchen today and we’ll work with you on both the design and construction aspects to create a kitchen of value that you’re sure to love.  Serving the Minneapolis area, including Chanhassen, Chaska, Eden Prairie, Bloomington, and more throughout the Twin Cities!

Kitchen Remodel ROI for Minneapolis & Remodeling with Investment in Mind (Part 1) | Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Minneapolis MN

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

kitchen tile backsplashYou want a new kitchen! A beautiful, functional kitchen that you and your family will love. But is the money to remodel worth the value you’ll get out of your home if you decide to sell?  What would your ROI (return on investment) be if you remodel and then move?

A kitchen is one of the first rooms a potential homeowner looks at when buying a home. So a well-maintained, updated kitchen is a big part of a home’s value. How big exactly?

Pretty big according to this respected online remodeling resource: In their 2014 Cost-vs-Value report they share that a homeowner remodeling a kitchen in the Minneapolis area should expect to recoup 72-76% of their investment. Dollars well spent! In comparison, the surrounding Midwest area boasted a smaller but still impressive value of 62-65% ROI on their kitchen remodel.

So how do you design a kitchen that you will love while still getting the most for your money if you decide to sell?  Stay tuned for our next post and we’ll share how! (Update: see part 2 here).

Get remodeling! Connect with us here at Sass Construction to start talking about your new kitchen today. Serving the Minneapolis area, including Chanhassen, Chaska, Eden Prairie, Bloomington, and more throughout the Twin Cities!

Home Design & Decor Trends for 2014 | Home Remodeling and Construction MN

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Remodeled kitchen with white cabinets and black countertopTodays home trends lean toward light and bright with touches of bold accents. Evoking Scandinavian design, with its clean lines and simple surfaces, this look encompasses a fresh, contemporary feel that’s cozy too.

Here are the top 5 components to conquering today’s home design trends with Scandinavian influence:

  1. Keep it Bright – Start with a bright base (think whites, light grays, and the warmer greige tones) on your walls and cabinetry and add your color and texture with accent pieces.
  2. Simply yet Cozy – Keep your lines and surfaces simple — flat panel cabinetry, surfaces and countertops with less contrast (solid tile over stone), matte finishes that don’t distract — but don’t be afraid to mix in a few furnishings with ornate character or vintage origins to give your place that home-sweet-home feel.
  3. Color that Pops – Scandinavian influence has long been known for bright color accents.  Today’s trends embrace turquoise, bright corals, and of course shades of purple such as the color of the year, Radiant Orchid.  If you prefer less intensity, deep blue or an emerald tone might provide the right color accent for you.  Add your color in pillows, rugs, vases, dishes, and other home accessories.
  4. Black is Back – If you like the bright component, but long for a little more contrast, the good news is that black accents are back as well.  Add a furnishing element or two in black, or even consider designing a kitchen with two-toned cabinetry, such as white uppers and black lower cabinets.
  5. Textures and Depth – Just because the trending look is sleek and simple doesn’t mean it has to be flat, dull, or cold.  Textures are a great way to add depth to a home, whether it’s a rug, a throw blanket, or a custom molding with layers and depth.  As long as you keep the base of your look fresh and clean, texture accents will serve to add comfort rather than appear busy.

To find the right design style for your home, pick the trend components you love and mix them with your own long-withstanding aesthetics.  The result will be a cheerful home with cozy touches that is all you.  For more home inspiration, see how this family added some colorful cheer to their home and check out these ideas for keeping white fresh but not boring.  Start dreaming about your redesigned home today!

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Three Ways to Add Radiant Orchid and Purple Tones to Your Home’s Interior | Radiant Orchid Panatone Color of the Year 2014

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

This year’s Panatone color of the year is Radiant Orchid, an intense purple with lilac, fuchia, and pink undertones.  While you might not be ready to paint your whole living room purple (though we won’t stop you!) this is an upbeat color that might just bring some visual joy to your home.

Here are three ways to use radiant orchid or other purple-tones in your interior design this year without letting it take over:

1. Spot on.  This color is intense, bright, cheerful!  One spot of it is all you need to add some “oomph” to a room.  Try a single piece of furniture (say, a new side table) that stands out in an otherwise neutral or deep-hued room.  Even smaller, but no less impactful, consider adding a throw blanket or pillow or two to accent your sofa or bed.

Purple pillows accent a living room

Try accenting with pillows in purple tones

2. Mix it up.  If you want to implement some radiant orchid without the attention being drawn to it alone, mix it in with other color tones.  Pairing purples with reds in particular is a fabulous way to add some fun and warmth to a room.  Or consider using it with a turquoise or emerald green to balance out the brightness with something a bit more earthy.

Purple pairs well with red

Purple pairs well with red

3. Pot it.  This spring and summer, what better way to give radiant orchid a try than with an orchid itself!  Bring in some potted flowers of the purple-nature and see how you like the color.  If you find yourself falling in love, add more orchid tones later on.

Pink Orchid Plant

Try a potted orchid or fresh cut purple flowers

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5 Top Bathroom Trends for 2014 | Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Twin Cities MN

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Intrigued by what’s in store for bathroom style this year?  Here are 5 hot bathroom trends topping the lists for 2014 (& beyond!):

Bathroom Trends 2014 - asian inspired minimalism

Asian Influences — Plant life in the bathroom, bamboo decor and storage bins, pebbles used as stone tile — all signs that Asian-inspired design is hot for the new year.  This Japanese minimalist look, incorporating modern ideas and clutter-free style, often includes a soaking tub, hideaway storage, clear counter space, and eco-friendly features.

Tile Bling – Glass tile for the bathroom is getting rave reviews, sending ceramic tile backstage.  Glass tiles, with their almost effervescent appearance, bring a reflective tone to the bathroom, creating a bright and airy ambiance.  More resistant to mold and mildew than ceramic tiles, glass may also be the savvy option in addition to being the trendy one.

Things Heat Up – Floors, tile racks, and shower-heads that is!  In-floor heating, an amazing combo of practicality and comfort, is hotter than ever. Seemingly luxurious, it is often more cost-effective than other heating methods.  Towel racks, too, come with heating options – hard to beat on a cold Minnesota day.  And with multi-head showers topping the trends — offering an array of misting pressures and angles — your showering experience will come with more warm steam and hot water than ever before.

Glamorous Lighting – Adding some glam to the bathroom is easy to do when you select a light fixture that might otherwise be found in the dining area!  From pendants to that luxurious chandelier, using less-traditional lighting in the bathroom will be a trend that takes your bathroom to the next level of sophistication.

Black Comes Back – Though the monochromatic bright and white bathroom with a spa-feel is still very much in tow, there is new room for strong saturated colors like navy blue, and especially black.  A single black wall in the bathroom can make a strong statement, but if you want to keep it simple, try black fixtures and accents to give your room some cool contrast.

Could your bathroom benefit from a refreshing trend or two?  Connect with us here at Sass Construction to share your bathroom remodel ideas… we’re ready to listen!  Serving Chanhassen, Chaska, Eden Prairie, Minneapolis, and the Twin Cities area.