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The Top 8 Kitchen Design Trends for 2014

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

The kitchen is the heart of the home — the room where people gather to cook, enjoy good food, and spend time together. It’s no wonder that the kitchen design trends of 2014 seek to help us create warm, inviting, creative spaces.

In 2014 kitchen design will continue featuring some of what we saw last year (like open concept kitchens), but its exciting to look ahead at what’s new. And perhaps most importantly, to dream about how these trends will look in YOUR kitchen! Let’s take a look…

1. Go Gray
While white remains most common, gray has been steadily increasing in popularity and this year will be the preferred color choice for kitchen walls, even cabinets. Soothing, and reminiscent of stone, gray plays well with some of the other kitchen trends of 2014 — such as using raw materials and picking warmer tones for hardware and lighting fixtures – so read on!

2. Dark for Drama
If gray sounds too safe, too soothing, perhaps you’d like something a little more dramatic? Think about painting one wall — or your ceiling or floor — in a dark brown, deep red, copper color, or even black. This trend in darker paint tones will have your kitchen feeling dramatic and warm, with just the right amount of flair!

3. Black Countertops, in Quartz, please!
Believe it or not, designers predict countertops will be back in black in 2014. Pairing a black countertop with lighter colored walls and cabinets creates a stylish contrast to the all-white kitchens we’re used to (tired of?) seeing. And while you’re at it, order that black countertop in quartz! It feels and looks like granite, but quartz is more durable, less likely to chip or crack, and has a non-porous surface that is easy to clean and harder to stain. After years of competition, quartz is starting to surpass the ever-popular granite and is among the granite alternatives trending for 2014.

4. Warm Up Your Hardware
Tired of the emphasis on cold silvery metallic hardware like chrome, nickel and stainless steel? This year feel a wave of sweet relief and look for warmer metal finish choices like brass, aged gold, iron or graphite hardware. These tones are even making their way into hood finishes, and can be coordinated with lighting fixtures as well.

5. Camouflaged Appliances
The trend for open plan kitchens continues to grow. So much so that we now have appliance designers dreaming up appliances that beautifully blend into the kitchen. Picture a false front for your refrigerator, dishwasher, or microwave drawers, meant to blend with the surrounding walls or cabinets.

6. Raw Beauty
Start checking out exposed brick walls, concrete countertops and floors, sliding barn doors, reclaimed wood shelving, and exposed beams — because using raw, natural materials couldn’t be trendier this year. Even in new construction, natural elements can be achieved with the use of some amazing veneers now on the market. The rustic vibe adds a lot of character and warmth, while remaining calm and industrial. Done right, this look is hip, trendy, and really beautiful.

7. Dishes (Still) on Display
Whether you install open shelves or glass-front cabinets, you’ll be on trend for 2014. Putting your carefully curated collection of dishes on display is a trend beyond farmhouse or modern design, it is officially popular for all styles of kitchens. From the fun of seeing your favorite mugs greet you in the morning, to the light that bounces off your glassware, to the ease of reaching for a salad bowl, there are just so many reasons to consider jumping on this train.

8. Non-Traditional Lighting
Bottom line for this one: think outside the box. Especially with the increase in open shelving, under-cabinet task lighting does not have to be your default. Consider sconces, lamps with a swing arm, and other decorative task lights that allow you to add personality to your space. And remember to put those warm finishes – like aged gold, iron, and brass – to good use!

Want to read more? Check out this report from Zillow Digs.

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Windows: Your Material Options for Style & Efficiency

Monday, December 9th, 2013

There are many styles of windows to choose from, but beyond what shape and function you’d like your windows to take you’ll also need to choose what kind of windows to install.

With materials ranging from vinyl to wood to clad-wood to composite and fiberglass, it is important to choose a window that best fits your home, your lifestyle and your budget.

Quite simply, vinyl is low-maintenance, remarkably energy-efficient and the most affordable option. The only draw-back? Limited colors. For many people knowing you never need to repaint, stain or refinish more than makes up for this limitation. For others it means they need to look to wood or clad-wood to give them the flexibility they require.

The warmth, beauty and durability of wood window frames continues to make wood frames worth the price and maintenance. With energy-efficient options that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® guidelines, wood frames offer more features and nearly unlimited interior and exterior color options.

To help rid homeowners of exterior window maintenance, some window companies produce wood frames “clad” in vinyl or aluminum. This combination of materials makes the frame supremely durable and maintenance-free on the exterior, while giving you the beauty of natural wood on the interior side of the frame — which can be painted or stained any way you wish! This perfect combo typically costs more than ordinary wood frames, but if they are within your budget, clad-wood frames are both beautiful and practical!

Fiberglass or Composite
Meet the latest addition to the window frame world — fiberglass and composite-frame windows. Priced somewhere between vinyl and wood, these more-affordable window frames are extremely durable, maintenance-free and more energy efficient than vinyl. In addition, unlike vinyl windows, some composite frames can be painted to compliment your palette.

The range of material options means you really can find the windows to meet your project needs, all while accounting for energy efficiency and budget considerations! Remember, material choice alone is not enough to discern the quality of the windows you want to install. Be sure to pay attention to the hardware and function: windows should work easily and feel good to use.

Once you’ve selected the right windows for your home, be sure installation goes smoothly and correctly! Improper installation may not only cause damage to your brand-new windows, in some cases it will also void your warranty. Let the experts at Sass Construction help with your window installation and put your mind as ease.

Want to know more about all the components of an energy efficient window? Check out this Ideabook on Houzz and this article at This Old House.

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Material Selection for Your Remodeling Project | Remodel Planning Twin Cities MN

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Selecting materials for your remodel is a big part of the project, Planning for Your Remodeland one that falls more heavily on you as the homeowner.  Here are some great guidelines to make the product selection process go smoothly and ensure you get the materials that are a good fit for your home, project timeline, and remodel budget.

1.  Before the remodel process has even begun, it’s best to start with a full evaluation of your space and what functioning items you need.  Jot down some of your ideas and main goals on a sheet of paper and bring it in as we sit down to discuss your project.  Bringing in photos or creating a profile of ideas on a site like houzz is also a big help.  Together we’ll develop a room layout, timeline, project goals, and ultimately turn your ideas into the reality of a beautiful new space!

2.  Once a project plan has been completed, we’ll walk you through the main items your project will need and provide advice on locating the pieces you have to locate.  List in hand, you’re ready to start making final decisions!

3.  Now it’s time to shop!  It’s important to make all of your selections as early as possible.  Your budgeted remodel allowance can quickly go wrong if you decided to choose materials that are outside of the original plan (say stone tile vs. porcelain tile) so we need a solid understanding of which products and materials you want to use to help define and stick to a budget.

As an example, here’s a list of items you may need to search for with a typical bathroom remodel:

  • Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Flooring
  • Fixtures
  • Lighting
  • Wall Tile

This is a basic list — your project may include a few more items depending on the space you’re remodeling and your goals.  We’ll also walk you through the order and priority level in finding certain materials.  For instance in a kitchen remodel we recommend you start with the cabinets, countertop, and flooring choices before moving on to other decisions.

By creating goals, deadlines, and a definitive process for you, we help take the stress out of selecting materials for your remodel.  It’s our goal to make sure you’re getting everything you want out of your remodeling project without any surprises.  Except for good ones of course — like how much you fall in love with your new space once the remodel is complete!

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Fireplaces – Hotter Than Ever! | Fireplaces For Any Room in Your Home

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

We all know that a beautiful fireplace can make an amazing accent to your living room or family room. Fireplaces for your Twin Cities Minneapolis homeBut have you considered that a fireplace might pair nicely in other rooms of your home as well? Read on for some inspiration on creating a stunning fireplace, as well as a few unexpected ways of including them throughout your home.

In the Living Room – Though the living room is a traditional space to see a fireplace, your fireplace doesn’t have to be traditional. It can be the star of the show, a rustic accent (like these natural stone fireplaces), or move in a more modern direction with contemporary and colorful tile (check out these!)

In the Kitchen – The kitchen hearth is an age-old idea, yet modern kitchens are just beginning again to embrace it as a decor trend. Adding a fireplace to todays spacious, contemporary kitchen brings a warm touch to one of the most popular rooms in the home. Watch this short video from hgtv to get a feel for the history as well as unique considerations of the kitchen fireplace.

In the Bathroom – What could be cozier? Stepping out of the bath or shower on a cold winter’s day with the fireplace running might seem unconventional, but it’s certainly not unappealing. With new compact versions of gas and electric fireplaces hitting the market all the time, this trend may become more common that you might expect. And since a well-designed bathroom can add a significant boost to a home’s resale value, you might just want to jump on this well-lit bandwagon as well. Peak at these fireplace-clad bathrooms from Houzz.

In the Bedroom – Not as hard to imagine, but still less common than main living areas, adding a fireplace in the bedroom can change the whole feel of the room. Whether it’s the master bedroom, or your welcoming guest bedroom, a fireplace evokes comfort, warmth, and luxury. Check out these design ideas for a radiant master bedroom.

Ready to make your own home more cozy? Whether it means adding a fireplace or remodeling your whole home, connect with us here at Sass Construction for expert home building and remodeling in the Twin Cities and Minneapolis area.

Enjoy the Ambiance of the Kitchen Throughout Your Home! – Incorporate the Kitchen Into the Rest of Your House

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

The kitchen is today’s modern gathering place.  Kitchen EntertainingWhen families and groups gather at a home, it tends to be around the eating area.  Why are we drawn to the kitchen?  We love to eat, to lounge at the high countertops, to chat with the host or hostess while they prep, and the generally warm and well-lit ambiance of the kitchen space.

Want to spread your guests out, create a spacious atmosphere, and enjoy company throughout your home?  Try incorporating the kitchen into the rest of your house!  Here are some ideas:

Put in a Sunroom
-You can incorporate a sunroom directly off your kitchen, dining room, or living room, giving guests a new space to munch and lounge.
-They provide a warm and sunny atmosphere similar to many kitchens.
-While outdoor eating options (like decks and patios) are great, they’re temporary in seasonal climates.  Sunrooms are most popular in colder areas like ours.

Add a Kitchen Island
-Even smaller kitchens can benefit from a kitchen island or a high table for lounging or extra prep space.
-A kitchen island provides additional counter space at standing height, great for guests.
-An island is a great place for activities for kids and the whole family, whether it’s homework or game night.

Merge Three Spaces Into One
-Combine your kitchen, dining, and living room areas into a spacious open room.
-Removing walls will especially benefit a smaller kitchen, turning it into a bright and open area with space for gathering.
-Or keep the walls and add spacious, open doorways between the kitchen and living or dining areas, creating an airy pathway for guests.

Want to discuss more ways to create a dynamic, open feeling to your home?  Connect with us here at Sass Construction to talk about kitchen remodeling, creating an open space in your living area, and more!  Remodeling services for Minneapolis, the Twin Cities, and throughout the West Metro area of MN, specializing in interior and exterior remodeling.


A Well-Lit Home: Lighting Options & Trends for Your Space – Part 2

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013
bathroom with chandelier and sconces

This bathroom creatively uses a chandelier combined with wall sconces to achieve a romantic effect.

Though it may seem like a small factor in  your home, we know that lighting can make a huge difference!  Picking up where we left off last week with Part 1 of A Well-Lit Home, here are four more lighting styles for your interior space, ready to provide the ambiance you’re looking for:

Recessed Lights – Tucked inside an opening in the ceiling, groups of recessed lights give off ambient light without making an overpowering design statement.  Often paired with a dimmer switch, this style of light also allows you to create a low light environment when you want it.  Recessed lights are popular in kitchens and living rooms, especially over islands or sofas and tables.

Chandeliers – Not just for the dining room anymore, chandeliers are adding style to kitchens, bathrooms, even entryways!  A chandelier can add romance, elegance, or modern style to almost any room.  One chandelier is great, but sometimes two is better –  try using a pair of smaller, low-hung chandeliers over a kitchen island or two larger ones over a long dining table. Peak at these beautiful chandelier uses from hgtv.

Wall Sconces – Sconces mount directly to the wall, and are usually used in pairs.  Often seen on either side of a fireplace or doorway, sconces have been a classic source of accent lighting for decades.  Sconces come in a variety of materials such as glass, metal and ceramic.  They shower indirect light on sections of the wall, often forming interesting shadows and backdrops.

Lamp Light – Though it’s important to install as much light as necessary at the time of your remodel or home building project, do not forget that table and floor lamps can be a key source of light for a room, and certainly add a lot of style.  Lamps allow you to swap out lighting on a more regular basis, especially if you like to decorate with the trends.

To create a well-lit, well-designed room, you’ll likely want to combine direct and indirect light, such as overhead sources with lamps or sconces.  Ideas flowing?  For some unique and trendy ways to use lighting in your home, check out these creative ideas from hgtv and then start planning how you can add ambiance, practicality, and charm (with lights!) to your new or remodeled space.

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A Well-Lit Home: Lighting Options & Trends for Your Space – Part 1

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Lighting is an amazing tool that can change the look and feel of your home. Dining Room Pendant LightsWhether you want to add ambiance, comfort, versatility, or practicality to a room, lighting is your go-to source.

Most rooms serve more than one purpose.  As you contemplate the lighting for a room it’s best to consider what activities you’re going to use that space for.  This will influence your choice of lighting fixtures and their placement.

Having a strong grasp on different lighting styles can open up a new world of options for your home and make the shopping and design process that much simpler.  Here are some light fixture options and styles that you will likely run across as you consider lighting for your new home or home remodel:

Flush Mounted Ceiling Lights – Illuminating a room directly from the ceiling provides a good overall spread of light.  A flush mounted ceiling light is usually a single fixture that holds one to four bulbs, sometimes in combination with a ceiling fan.  Available in endless styles, often featuring a glass bowl or a shade, an interesting ceiling light can add style to a room.  Flush mounted ceiling lights are especially good for bedrooms or hallways; in other rooms, they will likely need to be accented with additional lighting to provide enough light for the whole room.

Track Lighting – Moveable lights that run along a track, track lighting is multi-purpose and now stylish too. The ability to move light fixtures can help you adapt a room for its many uses – say cooking one minute, doing homework at the kitchen island the next.  Track light spotlights are also beneficial for streaming light on bookcases, artwork, or a fireplace mantel.

Pendant Lights –These low-hanging light fixtures cast “pools” of light, making them great for tasks or ambiance.  Often made in eye-catching designs, pendants can bring style and character to a room – traditional or modern.  Grouping multiple mini pendants together is especially on-trend right now, hung over a kitchen island or bar area. These pendant lighting ideas from Better Homes & Gardens are sure to spark some ideas.

Under Cabinet Lights – Often forgotten or deemed unnecessary, under cabinet lights can be highly impacting in a kitchen or bathroom.  Whether they draw attention to that well-designed backsplash or provide extra light while chopping vegetables, under cabinet are both beneficial and beautiful, adding a reflective glow throughout the room.

Now that your light bulb of ideas has clicked on, want to learn more?  Check out this fun photo tutorial from hgtv that will clue you in on the differences between ambient, task, and accent lighting, and then stop by next week for part 2 of this article, featuring four more lighting types!

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The 70s Are Back! – Retro Renovations & Vintage Home Style Tips

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Retro-inspired renovations are taking the design world by storm.  Retro Pattern - 70s style WallpaperWant to incorporate some groovy touches into your home’s design?  Try adding one of these elements or combine them all for a 70s-inspired look with a modern spin:

Darker Woods – Contemporary turns have taken us the direction of light wood, white woodwork, and airy style, but dark wood, well known in the 70s, is making a comeback.  The trick to keeping it modern and avoiding the gloom-effect?  Mix it with bright accents, don’t go overboard, and use it in a room with lots of light (natural or otherwise).  Check out these fresh ways that dark wood paneling is mixed with lighter tones to provide sophisticated contrast with some underline groove.

Flat Panel Cabinets – Flat Panel Cabinets are most often associated with sleek, modern style, but really they picked up steam during the 70s.  Once considered boring and non-dimensional, flat panel cabinets used with nice finishes, wood textures, or striking handles come off as polished rather than bland.  Peak here for some great tips from Houzz on selecting hardware that will really make your flat panel cabinets come to life.

Geometric Shapes – From shirts to walls to sofas, the 70s saw no shortage of geometric patterns and shapes scattered throughout.  Accenting with big, bold patterns can be a great way to add some fun style to your otherwise modern home.  Furniture with geometric angles is also back, like square-back chairs and mod sofas.  This company is known for their all-things-retro furniture and accents if you need help finding the perfect piece.

Pops of Color – Hard not to love, pops of bright colors make any room more exciting and welcoming.  The 70s was known especially for bright orange tones (super trendy right now), hot pinks, intense blues, and slightly muted greens and yellows.  Click here to see some fun photos of rooms that have taken color pops to a very groovy level.

Textured Walls & Wallpaper – Because nothing about style in the 70s was simple, walls couldn’t be either.  The more texture and pattern the better.  Using modern but 70s inspired wall papers in moderation (say one wall) can be a fabulous way to add pizzazz to a room without going overboard.  Check out some vintage inspired wallpaper patterns spotlighted by hgtv here.

What’s stopping you?  Find one item you love and start from there!  Mixing up single items in your home is a great way to keep up to date with trends and keep your spirits up too — though we won’t stop you if you want to go full force ahead with a complete retro renovation!

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Why a Bigger Remodel Might Just Be Better: 4 Reasons to Remodel Multiple Rooms in Your Home at the Same Time

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

If remodeling part of your home seems like a daunting task, then remodeling more than one room at a time may seem even more overwhelming.  But in reality, there are a lot of great reasons to undertake more than one remodeling project at a time.  If your home needs a few changes, read on to see why making them all at once might just be the best decision you can make:remodeling MN

1. Less Mess
Remodeling projects generally kick up a lot of dust.  They often require a dumpster to be present at your home.  And living with piles of boards and paint cans isn’t generally the type of home decorating you want long term.  So why invite a second bout of clutter and deal with more dust later when you’re ready to tackle “the other room”?  Utilize that dumpster for more than one project and get it out of the driveway for good instead!  Live with the inconvenience one time around while remodeling multiple rooms and be done with the mess all in one shot.

2. Better Use of Time
Remodeling projects done simultaneously are ultimately going to be finished quicker than tackling them separately.  Sure adding a bathroom remodel to that kitchen upgrade will stretch the whole project out a tad, but with a crew already there and materials already being ordered, adding on an additional room is really just an extension of what is already being handled.  Plus it’s a better use of your own time as well — all those trips to the home store or afternoons spent picking out paint colors are doing double duty and won’t have to be repeated.  Using your time wisely also means enjoying your remodel sooner.  What fun is a beautiful new kitchen if you’re avoiding the outdated dining room and living room nearby?

3. Less Cost Overall
No doubt, the more rooms you remodel, the higher the cost.  But in the end, doing them at one time will save you money over remodeling them separately.  With the plumber, tile layer, or electrician already involved, you’ll save money over having them come out for an entirely separate project.  Creating your design all at once may also prove a better value, allowing you to tackle all hurdles at once rather than running into new ones that could have been avoided as you remodel and design rooms individually.

4. Better Home Value
Yes, remodeling that kitchen of yours will increase the value of your home.  In fact, according to the Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report 2013 a minor kitchen remodel in the Midwest is predicted to bring you a hefty 75.4% return on your remodeling investment.  However, savvy buyers are going to have a hard time looking past the crowded mudroom they walk through on the way to your beautiful new space, or that outdated bathroom off the remodeled kitchen.  Showcasing more than one remodeled space makes for a better impression and higher bids once your house is on the market.

Ultimately if your home needs an update, it’s worth putting the time and money into multiple spaces now in order to save time and money later.  Not to mention the amazing outcome of a fresh new look for your entire home, adding ease and ambiance to your family’s lifestyle.


Sass Construction specializes in remodeling and building projects in the Twin Cities / West Metro area of MN.  Located in Chanhassen, we are your local, full-service remodeling team, completing affordable, safe remodels for over 30 years.  Contact us to inquire about your remodeling project today!

The Top 10 Hottest Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2013

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

If 2013 is the year to remodel your kitchen, you’re in for a treat — kitchen trends are fresher, more user-friendly, and as relaxed as ever.  This room that has become our main living space over the past few years has developed into a clean, practical space with gourmet touches that everyone will enjoy being in.

Based on forecasts, trends, and what we see working well over the past couple of years, here are the top 10 hottest kitchen remodeling and design trends for 2013!

  1. Hidden Appliances
    Using appliances that blend in with your cabinetry (like a wood toned stove front or refrigerator with cabinetry panels) is the newest rage.  If your cabinets don’t match your current appliances, you can even purchase blendable fronts for the ones you have.  Tucking other appliances, such as trash compactors or mini fridges, inside the kitchen island is also part of this trend to blend.
  2. Range Hoods with StyleRange Cover by VentAHood
    And why not!  After years of tradition stainless steel trapezoid-shaped hoods, we need a new aspect of the kitchen to add pizzazz.  Decorative range hoods with built-in LED lights make the whole experience of stovetop cooking more ambient all around.
  3. Eco-Friendly Kitchen Appliances
    Now that Green has officially gone mainstream, a realm of stylish and practical eco-friendly products has come with it.  In addition to Green cabinetry, countertops, and flooring (like bamboo), adding eco-friendly appliances may qualify homeowners for special tax refunds or rebates (not to mention  lower utility bills).
  4. Sizable Kitchen Islands
    With the formal dining room becoming a thing of the past, families want to gather around their kitchen island, perched on trendy stools, and enjoy their meal, their homework, or coffee with a friend.  Smaller islands of the past just aren’t cutting it anymore as the kitchen island is becoming the main gathering place in the home.
  5. Digitalized Kitchen Spaces
    Kitchens are taking on the feel of an internet café.  With wi-fi in the room, digital radio and tv technology lingering nearby, families no doubt want to connect to their digital gadgets in the same place where they cook, gather, and connect with each other.
  6. Specific Purpose Cabinetry
    One size fits all is just not cool anymore when it comes to kitchen spaces.  We want more practical and customized storage, resulting in a draw toward cabinetry drawers, specialized racks, and organized pantries.
  7. Modern Style
    Modern doesn’t have to mean geometric shapes and bright colors.  Cabinetry is becoming more sleek and simple, decorating is going more fresh and light, and the overall feel of a kitchen is leaning toward relaxed and low-key.
  8. Glass Backsplashes
    Single-sheet and mosaic-style, high gloss backsplashes are growing in populuarity, with the added benefit of being easy to clean.  With their reflective sheen, the glass backsplash can add a polished touch to any kitchen.
  9. Lighting Galore
    In the space people now spend much of their time in, having good kitchen lighting, as well as ambient lighting for different circumstances, is becoming more important than ever.  Under-cabinet LED lights are now a must-have rather than an option.
  10. Neutral Colors
    Using neutral colors on the walls of the kitchen is on the rise, particularly in shades of grays, earthy naturals, and natural wood tones. Bright colors make great accents to add punchy fun, or crisp white accents can give the room an open, airy look.

As you make plans to remodel your kitchen this year, we encourage you to design around what you love as well as your custom needs, but spend some time researching the trends and making sure your kitchen will serve you and your home for the long run!