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Project Feature: Eden Prairie Kitchen Remodel | Kitchen Remodeler Eden Prairie MN

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

The homeowners of this 1970s Eden Prairie rambler longed for an updated kitchen with an open feel and more storage.  The wall between the small dining room and kitchen made both spaces feel cramped, and the kitchen cabinetry setup didn’t allow for enough storage or prep space.

They enlisted us to help them create a brand new kitchen and dining area, and within four weeks we transformed the space into a beautiful, roomy kitchen with warm accents!  This remodel included:

  • Wall removal: Removing the wall between the kitchen and dining area provided the open concept the homeowners wanted.
  • All new cabinetry: New Dura Supreme cabinets (in Maple with a cinnamon stain) feature soft-close hinges, full extension soft-close drawers, and amble storage space.  Cabinetry was added to the dining area as well.
  • New countertops: Granite countertops were used in both the kitchen and dining room.
  • A peninsula with room for stools:  The homeowners had hoped for a kitchen island, but the layout didn’t allow for one.  We suggested a peninsula, and they embraced the idea as a perfect fit!  The peninsula allows for additional prep space and doubles as a breakfast-nook / overflow seating area.
  • New flooring: Luxury vinyl plank floors now covers the extent of the kitchen and dining space.
  • Tile backsplash & new paint: An earthy-toned tile backsplash and fresh coat of paint gives the room a sophisticated, polished feel!

The homeowners love their new kitchen and dining area, and we were honored to help transform their home into a welcoming place to eat, dine, and gather.  See the before and after photos below!

Ready for a kitchen transformation of your own?  Connect with us here at Sass Construction to chat about your kitchen remodel options today!  Construction and remodeling help serving Eden Prairie, Chanhassen, Edina, Bloomington, and more!

Remodeling with Investment in Mind (Part 2) | Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Minneapolis MN

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

In our last blog we talked about how much value a kitchen remodel can bring to your home.  If you’re excited to remodel, but are not sure how long you plan to be in your home, you might want to approach your remodel with a slightly different angle.

Minneapolis Kitchen Remodeler | Kitchen Remodeling Twin Cities

Here are a few tips for remodeling with investment in mind:

Value —  You’ll want to create a kitchen that reflects the value of the area you live in.   Be careful about designing an elaborate kitchen for a neighborhood that won’t reap it’s value.  But it’s equally important that you don’t cut-corners on a kitchen in an otherwise luxurious home and neighborhood!

Style —  It can be tempting to pour your own style and personal touches into a kitchen.  And this is not a bad thing!  But if you’re concerned about selling, select a refreshed updated look that still suits the style of your home.  If a new buyer falls in love with the arts and crafts style of your home’s exterior, they might be surprised to find the overly-modern kitchen inside.  Don’t design separate rooms with styles that clash.  When in doubt, go for a transitional style that merges traditional with more contemporary looks.

Energy — Invest in energy-efficient appliances.  Not only do they save you money as they use less energy, potential buyers see them as a wallet-friendly bonus when shopping for a new home.  Read what energy star has to say about saving big with appliances on their fact sheet here.

Functionality – Whether you’re thinking of yourself or future buyers, organizational elements are a big hit with everyone! Invest in features like drawers for your cabinetry and pantry, soft-close cabinets, waste-recycling cabinetry space, and other organizational aspects.  A well organized kitchen never goes out of style.

Ready to get started?  Check out these Top 8 Kitchen Remodeling Trends and see if any of them might be good fits for your new, improved kitchen!

Connect with us here at Sass Construction to start talking about your new kitchen today and we’ll work with you on both the design and construction aspects to create a kitchen of value that you’re sure to love.  Serving the Minneapolis area, including Chanhassen, Chaska, Eden Prairie, Bloomington, and more throughout the Twin Cities!

Kitchen Remodel ROI for Minneapolis & Remodeling with Investment in Mind (Part 1) | Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Minneapolis MN

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

kitchen tile backsplashYou want a new kitchen! A beautiful, functional kitchen that you and your family will love. But is the money to remodel worth the value you’ll get out of your home if you decide to sell?  What would your ROI (return on investment) be if you remodel and then move?

A kitchen is one of the first rooms a potential homeowner looks at when buying a home. So a well-maintained, updated kitchen is a big part of a home’s value. How big exactly?

Pretty big according to this respected online remodeling resource: In their 2014 Cost-vs-Value report they share that a homeowner remodeling a kitchen in the Minneapolis area should expect to recoup 72-76% of their investment. Dollars well spent! In comparison, the surrounding Midwest area boasted a smaller but still impressive value of 62-65% ROI on their kitchen remodel.

So how do you design a kitchen that you will love while still getting the most for your money if you decide to sell?  Stay tuned for our next post and we’ll share how! (Update: see part 2 here).

Get remodeling! Connect with us here at Sass Construction to start talking about your new kitchen today. Serving the Minneapolis area, including Chanhassen, Chaska, Eden Prairie, Bloomington, and more throughout the Twin Cities!

Sass Construction Operations Manager Dorian Thompson Featured on Channel 5 News

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

In case you missed Dorian on the Channel 5 News, here is his interview. With the warmer weather causing water issues for homeowners and business owners, Dorian shares his expertise!

Click here to read the Channel 5 article or watch it below.

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist | Take Care of Your Home Now to Save Money Later!

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

It might be hard to believe, but Spring is on the way.  Once the snow melts (we promise it will!), here are 10 top home projects you’ll want to tackle.  Following this list of interior and exterior jobs will help protect your home and save money on energy costs and future repairs.

  1. Rake those gutters. Gutters protect your roof and home by directing rain and snow-melt away from the walls of your home. Clogged gutters can lead to water damage, something that is often difficult to detect until you need a major repair.
  2. Inspect your roof and chimney.  A prime hot spot for water that wants to seep in, your roof needs to stay in good shape to keep your home leak-free.  After the hard winter gives way, repair any loose shingles and keep an eye out for other damage, including cracks, loose bricks, or clogs in your chimney.  For more tips on inspecting your roof, click here.
  3. Clean outside surfaces.  Get out that pressure washer (or rent one) and give your deck, driveway, fence, or other outdoor surface a good washing.  Inspect for any mending and note areas that need paint touch-ups while you start dreaming about outdoor dining and the grilling season.
  4. Seal up your windows and doors.  Harsh weather will often harden caulk and seals, causing cracking. Check around your windows and doors, and repair and reseal as necessary. Blocking air leaks will help you save big on your air-conditioning bill this summer; and next winter the heating bill will thank you.  Energy Star offers even more ideas on saving money and energy here.
  5. Clean and repair your screens. Once we’re able to open the windows again (yay!) our screens will take center stage.  Check for small holes that may need repair and gently scrub with soapy water.
  6. Inspect your water heater.  Sediment can build up in your water heater tank. Use the spigot near the bottom of the heater to drain it and help prolong its life while reducing your electric bill.
  7. Check on your AC.  And don’t wait till it’s 90 degrees to give it a try.  Turn it on once before you really need it to make sure it’s running properly.  Clear vegetation around your unit outside and make sure it’s getting good airflow.
  8. Inspect your washer and dryer.  Not only should you remove lint from the dryer, but take a moment to ensure that lint hasn’t found it’s way to the dryer vent as well.  Clearing your vent could save you money by reducing the time your dryer has to run, and keep the possibility of a home fire at bay.  Also check the washing machine fill-hose for any cracks or leaks, which could cause major damage quickly.
  9. Double check life-saving devises.  Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. You never know when you’ll need them, so taking a peak once a year to ensure they’re running properly is a good idea.
  10. Clean your mudroom or entry.  Move winter boots out of the way, wash the floors, check for floor damage from sloppy shoes, and move spring necessities in!  Itching to re-organize entirely? Check out these mudroom makeover ideas!

Though some work is in store, keeping your home in top shape is an important investment.  View this list of home chores as a way to save money down the line.  And more money means more summer fun!

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Preparing for a Wedding or Graduation Party this Summer? | 3 Great Tips!

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

Though winter may seem long right about now, if you have an upcoming wedding in the family or graduation party this summer, no doubt thoughts of warm-weather festivities are on your mind.

Preparing for a Wedding or Grad Party | Remodeling Tips

Here are 3 great tips for making sure your guests feel fully welcomed as you plan your upcoming party or prepare to host house guests:

  1. Greet your guests as they arrive and offer them a refreshing beverage.  No party is complete without personal connection.  Be sure to have drinks readily available and make time to pull yourself away from the kitchen to ensure your guests feel truly welcome.  A big smile goes a long way.
  2. Have plenty of seating.  But that doesn’t have to mean folding-chair clutter. Try adding cozy ottomans to the room that double as storage, and use sleek benches set against the wall to allow more guests in one space.  Bonus: these surfaces double as a place to set food.
  3. Consider the aroma.  A welcome scent in the air is a sign to your guests that something good is in store.  Whether it’s the chocolate chip cookies you have in the oven or scented candles, create an atmosphere of good aroma.

Worried you’re not going to have enough space for your guests?  Want to freshen up (or completely transform) your home before the big event?  The time to begin is now!  Whether you want to add an addition to your home, or just make some fixes to the space you have, at Sass Construction we’re ready to listen closely to your needs and help you impress your guests.

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Doors: Your Material Options for Style & Efficiency

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

There are many styles of doors to choose from, but beyond how you’d like your door to look, you’ll also need to choose what kind of door to install.

Most door construction combines several materials, such as a fiberglass or steel door having a wood frame. Deciding which surface material to use impacts the strength, appearance, longevity and cost.

Let’s take a look at the surface materials available and how each impacts your home, your lifestyle, and your budget.

The most common style, wood doors range from high-end solid wood doors to low-cost versions made from wood-veneer surrounding an engineered-wood core. Their versatility and beauty are what set wood doors apart. From oak to cherry to walnut to pine (just to name a few!) wood doors may feature a natural finish or can be painted. Wood doors do require maintenance, but can always be sanded down for refinishing should the need arise.

When security and durability are your main concerns, steel doors an excellent choice. Not only are steel doors stronger than wood or fiberglass, but they aren’t easily damaged by wear-and-tear or weather. If steel doors do acquire dents or dings, they are easily repaired with an auto-body repair kit. Steel doors are typically less expensive and come in a wide variety or styles and colors.

Tip: There is a large range in the quality and price of steel doors. Just remember that the lower the gauge number, the thicker the steel. And yes, thicker is better.

Fiberglass-composite doors are maintenance-free, and their durability makes them a great choice for harsh or humid climates. These doors imitate the look of wood-grain and can be stained to look like oak, cherry and many other wood varieties.

Tip: Keep in mind that the wood grain on a quality fiberglass-composite door will run horizontally across the “rails” and vertically down the “stiles” to mimic a real wood door. 

Sold only through dealers, aluminum doors are custom-built for each installation, and are available in many styles and colors, with either a smooth or wood-grain surface. The baked enamel finish never requires painting, will not rust, and often comes with a 20-year warranty. Of course, all of these amazing features means aluminum doors are nearly as expensive as solid wood.

The range of material options means you really can find the doors to meet your project needs, all while accounting for energy efficiency and budget considerations! Remember, material choice alone is not enough to discern the quality of the doors you want to install. Be sure to pay attention to the hardware and function: doors should function easily and feel good to use.

Once you’ve selected the right doors for your home, be sure installation goes smoothly and correctly! Improper installation may not only cause damage to your brand-new doors, in some cases it will also void your warranty. Let the experts at Sass Construction help with your door installations and put your mind as ease.

For more details on the material options for your next door, check out this article from This Old House.

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Windows: Your Material Options for Style & Efficiency

Monday, December 9th, 2013

There are many styles of windows to choose from, but beyond what shape and function you’d like your windows to take you’ll also need to choose what kind of windows to install.

With materials ranging from vinyl to wood to clad-wood to composite and fiberglass, it is important to choose a window that best fits your home, your lifestyle and your budget.

Quite simply, vinyl is low-maintenance, remarkably energy-efficient and the most affordable option. The only draw-back? Limited colors. For many people knowing you never need to repaint, stain or refinish more than makes up for this limitation. For others it means they need to look to wood or clad-wood to give them the flexibility they require.

The warmth, beauty and durability of wood window frames continues to make wood frames worth the price and maintenance. With energy-efficient options that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® guidelines, wood frames offer more features and nearly unlimited interior and exterior color options.

To help rid homeowners of exterior window maintenance, some window companies produce wood frames “clad” in vinyl or aluminum. This combination of materials makes the frame supremely durable and maintenance-free on the exterior, while giving you the beauty of natural wood on the interior side of the frame — which can be painted or stained any way you wish! This perfect combo typically costs more than ordinary wood frames, but if they are within your budget, clad-wood frames are both beautiful and practical!

Fiberglass or Composite
Meet the latest addition to the window frame world — fiberglass and composite-frame windows. Priced somewhere between vinyl and wood, these more-affordable window frames are extremely durable, maintenance-free and more energy efficient than vinyl. In addition, unlike vinyl windows, some composite frames can be painted to compliment your palette.

The range of material options means you really can find the windows to meet your project needs, all while accounting for energy efficiency and budget considerations! Remember, material choice alone is not enough to discern the quality of the windows you want to install. Be sure to pay attention to the hardware and function: windows should work easily and feel good to use.

Once you’ve selected the right windows for your home, be sure installation goes smoothly and correctly! Improper installation may not only cause damage to your brand-new windows, in some cases it will also void your warranty. Let the experts at Sass Construction help with your window installation and put your mind as ease.

Want to know more about all the components of an energy efficient window? Check out this Ideabook on Houzz and this article at This Old House.

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Material Selection for Your Remodeling Project | Remodel Planning Twin Cities MN

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Selecting materials for your remodel is a big part of the project, Planning for Your Remodeland one that falls more heavily on you as the homeowner.  Here are some great guidelines to make the product selection process go smoothly and ensure you get the materials that are a good fit for your home, project timeline, and remodel budget.

1.  Before the remodel process has even begun, it’s best to start with a full evaluation of your space and what functioning items you need.  Jot down some of your ideas and main goals on a sheet of paper and bring it in as we sit down to discuss your project.  Bringing in photos or creating a profile of ideas on a site like houzz is also a big help.  Together we’ll develop a room layout, timeline, project goals, and ultimately turn your ideas into the reality of a beautiful new space!

2.  Once a project plan has been completed, we’ll walk you through the main items your project will need and provide advice on locating the pieces you have to locate.  List in hand, you’re ready to start making final decisions!

3.  Now it’s time to shop!  It’s important to make all of your selections as early as possible.  Your budgeted remodel allowance can quickly go wrong if you decided to choose materials that are outside of the original plan (say stone tile vs. porcelain tile) so we need a solid understanding of which products and materials you want to use to help define and stick to a budget.

As an example, here’s a list of items you may need to search for with a typical bathroom remodel:

  • Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Flooring
  • Fixtures
  • Lighting
  • Wall Tile

This is a basic list — your project may include a few more items depending on the space you’re remodeling and your goals.  We’ll also walk you through the order and priority level in finding certain materials.  For instance in a kitchen remodel we recommend you start with the cabinets, countertop, and flooring choices before moving on to other decisions.

By creating goals, deadlines, and a definitive process for you, we help take the stress out of selecting materials for your remodel.  It’s our goal to make sure you’re getting everything you want out of your remodeling project without any surprises.  Except for good ones of course — like how much you fall in love with your new space once the remodel is complete!

Sass Construction focuses on kitchen remodels, bathroom remodeling, and other interior and exterior remodel projects throughout Chaska, Chanhassen, Eden Prairie, and surrounding areas in the Twin Cities MN.  Contact us today about starting plans for your own remodel project!

Homeowners’ Winter Preparation Checklist: Winter Is On It’s Way!

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

MN Homeowners' Winter Home Maintenance ChecklistIt’s official: snowflakes have been spotted in Minnesota — yes, even here in the Twin Cities!  Like it or not, winter is coming our way.  To make sure you stay warm and cozy this winter, and to protect your home from potential damage that may come with the snow and ice, we’ve created a helpful winter checklist for you to review!

Homeowners’ Winter Preparation Checklist:

  • Wait to prune your trees or shrubs!  Waiting until late winter to do this will promote growth in the spring.  When is best exactly?  Check out the helpful pruning timelines for MN provided by Ramsey County here.
  • Prevent Ice Dams.  Ice dams are often caused by poor insulation and air leaks in the attic.  If you allow an ice dam to build up, water could intrude into your home when the ice melts, causing more damages than anyone wants to deal with.  Read here for some great tips on preventing them.
  • Clean you gutters!  Just like an ice dam, gutter blockage could cause water to find it’s way into your home.  Get out that ladder and do it right!
  • Drain and winterize your outdoor faucets and irrigation system. 
  • Have your fireplace cleaned and inspected.
  • Have your furnace tuned up!
  • Reverse your ceiling fan to create a downdraft of the warm air that tends to hang out at ceiling level.  Adjust your fan so that the blades run clockwise in the winter and counter-clockwise in the summer.
  • Seal gaps and cracks around your doors and windows and evaluate whether new windows would be helpful.  Sometimes sealing cracks may not be enough, especially if you have older windows!  Today’s window materials consist of low-e glass panels that act as a shield – keeping heat in during the winter and heat out during the summer.  To learn more about low-e glass and other types of energy-efficient windows, read more here.
  • Adjust your thermostat settings.  Set the temperature on your thermostat to range within the 65-68º range when you’re home and about 10 degrees lower than that when your away or asleep.

Following these steps over the course of the next few weeks will give you peace of mind, knowing your home is as cozy as you are.  Be ready for the winter ahead!

Do you have remodeling or home projects you need help with before winter sets in?  Contact us here at Sass Construction to discuss your remodeling or building project today!  Serving Chanhassen, Chaska, Eden Prairie, and suburbs throughout Minneapolis and the Twin Cities, MN.