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Home Projects to do Now Before Summer Arrives!

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Yep, we’re all antsy for summertime here in Minnesota, but making good use of your spring now can enhance your summer experience that much more.  Here are some home projects you can tackle now to be ready for the long awaited summer:Spring Yard & Home Projects

Windows  –  Springtime is the perfect transitional season for putting in new windows, once we’re finally ready to let some air in.  Installing new windows now will help keep your home cooler this summer (and warmer next winter).  Adding new windows will not only improve the look and feel of your home, it can benefit your pocketbook, as ENERY STAR rated windows provide as much as a 30 percent reduction in energy use.  As summer approaches and the sun stays around longer each night, beautiful new windows will also bring a welcoming ambiance to your home’s interior.

Patios & Decks  –  Come summer, everyone in Minnesota is ready to get outside; but wouldn’t summer be that much sweeter with a new deck or patio to enjoy?  Making your deck and patio plans now will mean that installation can begin before summer grilling season does.  With more product choices for your deck than ever (treated wood, cedar, or composite), designing a durable retreat space for your family is worth the effort before summer begins.  Planning your outdoor space?  Read here for some more ideas from HGTV.

Siding  –  Whether you’re simply not in love with the color of your home or your old siding has taken a beating and needs a serious upgrade, it may be the perfect time to replace your home’s siding.  Vinyl siding has come a long way in recent years and new options for homeowners are bountiful.  New sidings, such as fiber cement from Hardie Plank and polymeric cladding from Everlast are even more durable than vinyl, designed to stand up to the harshest weather.  While you’re at it, upgrade your home’s insulation, an effective barrier for storing air, hot or cool.

Entries & Mudrooms  –  Summertime means lots of moving between the outside and in!  Is your entryway ready for the extra storage, gardening boots, and kid traffic the outdoor season will bring?  Update your entryway or mudroom now to include coat hooks, a bench for shoes (& sitting), and ample storage, such as cubbies or cabinetry.  Also make sure all door hinges are ready for the extra swinging and give them a good dose of oil if need be.  Need some fabulous mudroom makeover ideas?  Check out these!


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Project Feature: Schlotzsky’s Deli in Edina Gets a New Look!

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

A popular eatery in Edina near the Southdale mall, this Schlotzsky’s Deli is loved by many!  But congestion during the lunch rush, outdated displays, and the need to add new food features made the owner realize some updates needed to be made to this well-loved space.  Taking on the slow process of remodeling on their own for over a year’s time, the Schlotzsky’s owner then decided to enlist professional help and invited us here at Sass Construction to take control.  In under two weeks we were able to make major changes and left the deli with a fresh look and convenient layout!

Before the remodel the display surfaces were bland and smooth, and the room wrapped around the food service area with limited seating.  The register was always congested during lunchtime because the soda machine display was right behind it.

The goal of the remodeling project was to:
1.) Bring in the Cinnabon Unit for a large feature display
2.) Add updated style with new textures and colors
3.) Provide a larger and more open seating area
4.) Move the soda machine around the corner (out of the way)

With fresh ideas, good design, and efficient work, we were able to meet all of these goals quickly and effectively!  We brought in brighter colors throughout the eatery and a beautiful stone veneer along the cabinetry to bring some texture to the eye.  We also custom made the cabinets and countertops to a perfect fit.  We worked with Coca-Cola to move the soda fountain to the other side of the room, adding ease to the ordering process and creating a roomier environment all around.

Schlotzsky’s Deli is now better than ever, offering customers a more comfortable experience all around and proud of their new updated look.  Peak at the before and after photos below, and then stop into the Edina Schlotzsky’s Deli to enjoy the look and experience for yourself!

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Why a Bigger Remodel Might Just Be Better: 4 Reasons to Remodel Multiple Rooms in Your Home at the Same Time

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

If remodeling part of your home seems like a daunting task, then remodeling more than one room at a time may seem even more overwhelming.  But in reality, there are a lot of great reasons to undertake more than one remodeling project at a time.  If your home needs a few changes, read on to see why making them all at once might just be the best decision you can make:remodeling MN

1. Less Mess
Remodeling projects generally kick up a lot of dust.  They often require a dumpster to be present at your home.  And living with piles of boards and paint cans isn’t generally the type of home decorating you want long term.  So why invite a second bout of clutter and deal with more dust later when you’re ready to tackle “the other room”?  Utilize that dumpster for more than one project and get it out of the driveway for good instead!  Live with the inconvenience one time around while remodeling multiple rooms and be done with the mess all in one shot.

2. Better Use of Time
Remodeling projects done simultaneously are ultimately going to be finished quicker than tackling them separately.  Sure adding a bathroom remodel to that kitchen upgrade will stretch the whole project out a tad, but with a crew already there and materials already being ordered, adding on an additional room is really just an extension of what is already being handled.  Plus it’s a better use of your own time as well — all those trips to the home store or afternoons spent picking out paint colors are doing double duty and won’t have to be repeated.  Using your time wisely also means enjoying your remodel sooner.  What fun is a beautiful new kitchen if you’re avoiding the outdated dining room and living room nearby?

3. Less Cost Overall
No doubt, the more rooms you remodel, the higher the cost.  But in the end, doing them at one time will save you money over remodeling them separately.  With the plumber, tile layer, or electrician already involved, you’ll save money over having them come out for an entirely separate project.  Creating your design all at once may also prove a better value, allowing you to tackle all hurdles at once rather than running into new ones that could have been avoided as you remodel and design rooms individually.

4. Better Home Value
Yes, remodeling that kitchen of yours will increase the value of your home.  In fact, according to the Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report 2013 a minor kitchen remodel in the Midwest is predicted to bring you a hefty 75.4% return on your remodeling investment.  However, savvy buyers are going to have a hard time looking past the crowded mudroom they walk through on the way to your beautiful new space, or that outdated bathroom off the remodeled kitchen.  Showcasing more than one remodeled space makes for a better impression and higher bids once your house is on the market.

Ultimately if your home needs an update, it’s worth putting the time and money into multiple spaces now in order to save time and money later.  Not to mention the amazing outcome of a fresh new look for your entire home, adding ease and ambiance to your family’s lifestyle.


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Excelsior MN Commercial Office Space Remodel

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

The owners of this historic building in Excelsior knew their office space needed an update.  Not only did they want to referesh the look and add some style, they also needed to separate a larger room into smaller office spaces.

In about three weeks time, we were able to give them the transformation they were looking for!  We added walls and created the three office spaces they needed.  We moved the break room to the other side of the building.  New carpet and paint gave the offices style in addition to its new practicality.  Commercial carpet tiles (2×2 foot squares), a trend gaining popularity, were used on the floor and blend together for a seamless carpet look.  They offer easy installation and a variety of styles.

The owners are thrilled with the design and plan on staying in the office space for years to come.  See the transformation below…

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