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Project Feature: Vintage Chanhassen Home Adds Dormer

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

What a beautiful and practical update!  The homeowners of this 1924 Chanhassen home wanted more space in their upper level.  Confined by the slopped ceilings on each side of the room and minimal closet space, the upper level was not being used to it’s full potential.

We were able to change all that and create a beautiful bedroom / living space for them!  In about 3-4 weeks, we remodeled the walls and roof by adding an extensive dormer to the structure.  Now complete with attractive shingle siding and new windows, the space is fresh, new, and more open then ever.

Check out the before and after photos below!

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Give Your Home a Facelift: Ideas to Refresh the Front of Your Home

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Big or small, there are many ways to give the front of your home a new look.  Whether you just need a dash of color or want a whole new look, here are some fun ideas for refreshing the exterior entry of your home:

Change That Front Door – Make a statement Home front entrance exteriorby painting your door a traditional red, or surprise the neighbors with trendy orange instead.  Prefer a neutral color, but want something beyond the typical wood tone?  Try a rich camel color or a charcoal gray finish that lets your wood grain show through.  Ready for a bigger change?  Put in a whole new door made with charming windows or rustic wood tones.  Peak here at some front door and entry accent ideas from Better Homes & Gardens.

Add Accessories – Add some bold planters featuring deep hued greens to each side of the door, put down a colorful rug, or upgrade your mailbox!  And house numbers aren’t just practical anymore, they’re full of charm as well – try something modern or something uniquely vintage for an easy, affordable new look.  Houzz features no shortage of house number inspiration.  Placing solar lighting around the edge or your entry will also give it a spruced up vibe.

Give Your Porch Some Charm – Adding a few architectural details to the porch you have now can take it to a whole new level.  Update those columns and railings, use some bead board on the ceiling or sides, add some brackets and hang some permanent lanterns.  Installing a ceiling fan or new lights can give even the ceiling of your front porch an updated look.  No porch to update?  Consider building a small platform with an accent roof at the top of your staircase like these homeowners did from our project feature last week.

Re-do Your Steps and Walkway – Concrete walkway giving away?  Maybe it’s time to replace your yellow brick road.  Consider flagstone for an earthy look, or natural square tiles to create a patio-style entrance, guiding visitors to your home sweet home.  Create a complementing look with your stairway as well.  Not ready to dive in that deep?  Try one of the new concrete cover-up paints to refresh the look in any color you please.  Read some tips on painting concrete here.

Go for a Complete Makeover – Perhaps even your siding needs an update.  Try something creative, like using a two-tone effect, different siding styles on the top and bottom of your home.  Add new posts, update that door, decorate galore, and make sure your walkway and porch are more welcoming than ever!  Click here for some great visual ideas for reviving your entire exterior from Better Homes & Gardens.

Whether you have a day, a week, or a month to add some cheer to the exterior of your home, here are some more great ideas, sure to inspire.  Now get outside and bring the exterior of your home to life while the weather is still good!

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Project Feature: New Front Porch & Stairway | Mound MN Home Remodeling

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

A small update to the front of your home can go a long way!  This single family home in Mound, built in the early 1980s, had a set of concrete steps leading up to the front door that were wearing away and aesthetically not appealing.  The homeowners wanted to add some dynamics to the front of their home!

In no more than a week, we pulled the concrete away from the home, built a retaining wall, and added a small cedar porch / deck, staircase, and landing area.

The homeowners are thrilled with the results:
”My wife Barb and I would like to let you know how happy we are with our new front porch and stairway…!!! Working with Jamie and all the subs was an enjoyable experience and the finished product was more than we had imagined…!!! Thank you for the professionalism that your company brings to the job….!!!”  -Tom and Barb”

Check out the transformation to the front entry of this house in the before and after photos below!

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Drainage Tips for Landscaping: Because no one Likes Water in Their Basement

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Like most homeowners, the biggest asset you own is probably your home.  To protect this asset (and avoid messy cleanups and costly repairs), it’s important that you properly drain water away from your home.  There are multiple options for property drainage systems, so we wanted to share a few of the basics with you here:

1.) Grading – First and foremost, grading should be a top priority when evaluating your property and making changes to your landscaping, including adding structures such as a pool to your yard.  Your goal is to angle the ground away from the foundation of your home.  The minimal slope for areas around your home should be at 2% or more, while paved areas should be sloped at 1%.  We recommend a professional survey be conducted to prepare for any necessary changes in grading.  Grading problems are one of the primary causes of water leakage into the lower level of a home, with cases being especially high this year in MN with the large amounts of spring/summer rain.  Grading is a relatively simple method to help avoid water-in-the-basement trauma.

2.) Catch Drains – Catch drains are extensions off the downspouts of roof gutter systems.  They are typically made of metal, plastic, or concrete.  They are placed to slope away from the home and usually drain to a larger underground drainage system.

3.) Channel Drains – Also known as trench drains, Channel drains are made with concrete, plastic, or metal and include a grate on top to prevent debris build-up and clogging.  They are generally placed between houses, on the side of a patio or deck, or around a pool.  Channel drains usually drain to underground drainage systems as well.

4.) French Drains –  French drains, ironically American, are used often at the edge of landscapes.  They generally sit 6” below ground in a trench that is then covered with a washed gravel fill.  The drain pipe should be perforated and wrapped with a weed barrier, and as always, installed so that water runs away from the foundation of the home.

While it might seem like a little extra work, taking the time to grade your yard properly or install necessary drainage systems could be a huge time saver (and home saver!) in the long run.  Don’t delay.  Evaluate your property and make any big changes now (before the next rain fall beats you to it!)

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