Fall Maintenance Tips

     As the leaves change color and the warmth of summer fades away to crisp, cool days, we need to examine our fall home project “To Do” list to make sure our homes are ready and healthy to weather the winter.  Because we live in a climate with such extremes, ongoing maintenance of our homes becomes even more critical. 

     First, walk around the exterior of your home and take a good look.  Check the chimney and fireplace to determine if it needs cleaning or servicing.  Check your gutters and downspouts to make sure they are properly connected and clean them if necessary. Clean your exterior vent screens and dampers to ensure healthy air flow into your home.  Make sure that both bird seed and firewood are stored away from your home.  Drain your garden hoses, close your outside hose connection, and put your hoses in storage.  If you have an irrigation system, blow it out.  Take the time to winterize your landscaping…you’ll be happy in the spring!  Does the driveway need to be repaired or sealcoated?

     Monitoring the air flow and humidity in your home is a way to keep your home and your family healthy and should be on the checklist for all four seasons.  At this time of year, it is important to clean the exterior vent screens and dampers, check humidity levels throughtout the house, check the attic for signs of moisture and insulation levels, and check air intakes, exhaust and meters to make sure they are free of debris.

     Do you feel like you need assistance with these projects?  The Sass Home Maintenance Division would be happy to help…just give us a call at 952-474-4568.


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