Home Hazards to Watch for this Christmas Season

It’s that time of the year again – time to gather around the tree with family and friends, enjoy hot chocolate, delicious foods, and celebrate with gifts! Christmas tree light safety

Joy-filled as Christmas can be, it also brings potential safety hazards.  At Sass Construction, we want to help you avoid those hazards — after all, it’s the best gift we can give! 

To help you stay safe this holiday season and keep your celebrations “merry and bright,” Sass Construction recommends using the following guidelines when handling and plugging-in your Christmas decorations:

  1. Extension Cords and Outside Lights  — Make sure when using an exterior extension cord, the cord is labeled as such. Examine each cord before use, looking for fraying, cracks, or other damage. Cords should always be replaced if you see any damage. Keep all extension cords away from standing water and snow, and always use the appropriate length cord.
  2. Indoor Lights and Decorations  –  It’s important to inspect indoor Christmas tree lights before each use. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions and be careful to not overload an outlet with too many plugs, which has the potential to cause a fire.  Avoid placing cords where they can be pinched or smashed in a door, window, or under heavy furniture.  And lastly, unplug your decorations before leaving the house or going to sleep.  For convenience, you can purchase a timer from your local hardware store that plugs into your electrical socket.
  3. Christmas Trees  — When choosing your Christmas tree, we advise the greener the better! As the weeks go by, a tree will dry out in a heated home. A dry tree is more flammable than a healthy green one. Make sure your tree has plenty of water each day. Ask to have a few inches cut off the trunk when you purchase the tree to allow better water absorption.  Avoid placing a tree closer than three feet from any heating agents, including fireplaces, electrical heaters and/or radiators.

From all of us at Sass Construction, Inc., we wish you a safe and joy-filled Christmas!

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