The Top 10 Hottest Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2013

If 2013 is the year to remodel your kitchen, you’re in for a treat — kitchen trends are fresher, more user-friendly, and as relaxed as ever.  This room that has become our main living space over the past few years has developed into a clean, practical space with gourmet touches that everyone will enjoy being in.

Based on forecasts, trends, and what we see working well over the past couple of years, here are the top 10 hottest kitchen remodeling and design trends for 2013!

  1. Hidden Appliances
    Using appliances that blend in with your cabinetry (like a wood toned stove front or refrigerator with cabinetry panels) is the newest rage.  If your cabinets don’t match your current appliances, you can even purchase blendable fronts for the ones you have.  Tucking other appliances, such as trash compactors or mini fridges, inside the kitchen island is also part of this trend to blend.
  2. Range Hoods with StyleRange Cover by VentAHood
    And why not!  After years of tradition stainless steel trapezoid-shaped hoods, we need a new aspect of the kitchen to add pizzazz.  Decorative range hoods with built-in LED lights make the whole experience of stovetop cooking more ambient all around.
  3. Eco-Friendly Kitchen Appliances
    Now that Green has officially gone mainstream, a realm of stylish and practical eco-friendly products has come with it.  In addition to Green cabinetry, countertops, and flooring (like bamboo), adding eco-friendly appliances may qualify homeowners for special tax refunds or rebates (not to mention  lower utility bills).
  4. Sizable Kitchen Islands
    With the formal dining room becoming a thing of the past, families want to gather around their kitchen island, perched on trendy stools, and enjoy their meal, their homework, or coffee with a friend.  Smaller islands of the past just aren’t cutting it anymore as the kitchen island is becoming the main gathering place in the home.
  5. Digitalized Kitchen Spaces
    Kitchens are taking on the feel of an internet café.  With wi-fi in the room, digital radio and tv technology lingering nearby, families no doubt want to connect to their digital gadgets in the same place where they cook, gather, and connect with each other.
  6. Specific Purpose Cabinetry
    One size fits all is just not cool anymore when it comes to kitchen spaces.  We want more practical and customized storage, resulting in a draw toward cabinetry drawers, specialized racks, and organized pantries.
  7. Modern Style
    Modern doesn’t have to mean geometric shapes and bright colors.  Cabinetry is becoming more sleek and simple, decorating is going more fresh and light, and the overall feel of a kitchen is leaning toward relaxed and low-key.
  8. Glass Backsplashes
    Single-sheet and mosaic-style, high gloss backsplashes are growing in populuarity, with the added benefit of being easy to clean.  With their reflective sheen, the glass backsplash can add a polished touch to any kitchen.
  9. Lighting Galore
    In the space people now spend much of their time in, having good kitchen lighting, as well as ambient lighting for different circumstances, is becoming more important than ever.  Under-cabinet LED lights are now a must-have rather than an option.
  10. Neutral Colors
    Using neutral colors on the walls of the kitchen is on the rise, particularly in shades of grays, earthy naturals, and natural wood tones. Bright colors make great accents to add punchy fun, or crisp white accents can give the room an open, airy look.

As you make plans to remodel your kitchen this year, we encourage you to design around what you love as well as your custom needs, but spend some time researching the trends and making sure your kitchen will serve you and your home for the long run!

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