Tips for a Beautiful Breakfast Nook: Designing a Breakfast Nook You’ll Love to Wake up To

Thinking of creating a breakfast nook space in your home? Breakfast Nook Tips & Ideas  |  Kitchen Remodeling Chanhassen MNWhether you’re remodeling your kitchen or just looking to add a little bit of extra seating to the area you have, here are some tips that could make all the difference in creating a space you’ll fall in love with:

1. Keep it Cozy & Comfortable — A nook is just that, a small part of your home, set-aside for a specific purpose.  In this case, as a small eating and lounging area, assumedly with a table and chairs of some sort.  Don’t feel like your breakfast nook has to be any larger than the corner of a room, or whatever you have to work with, in order to make it a reality.  Spaciousness is not a priority here.  Comfy seating is.

2. Include an Element of Softness – Whether it’s a cushioned pillow seat, a warm rug, or an all-out wrap-around sofa bench that surrounds your table, your nook needs something soft.  When you’re transitioning from your pillow to the place you have your coffee in the morning (not quite entirely awake we assume), something cushiony is the right kind of go-between before you start your day.

3.  Add Some Storage — No doubt a breakfast nook doesn’t need much.  But it might need a place for you to store the morning paper, your journal, or just extra napkins.  Keeping a storage basket nearby or including a row of cubbies or a small cabinet is a smart kind of idea.

4. Make it Artful – This space should be warm and inviting.  Creativity is good here.  Since it’s a small space, your choice of style or color is not going to overwhelm your home.  So find some decor you love but where maybe too afraid to use elsewhere, and go for it.  Add color to the wall, or stock the corner with fresh flowers.  Whatever makes you breathe in relaxation and beauty, this is the place for it.

5. Light it Up — If you’re going to lounge, read, and ok sometimes even eat breakfast in this space, you need to be able to see.  Selecting a spot near a window is great, but if that’s not possible — or even if it is — adding a light fixture (think drop-down pendant light) over your breakfast nook is an excellent idea that will brighten your morning even more.

Looking for some beautiful breakfast nook inspiration?  Check out this photo story by hgtv and these ideas on houzz!

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