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Project Feature: Chanhassen Bathroom Remodels | Chanhassen Remodeler

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

The homeowners of this 1986 Chanhassen home knew it was time for a change.  Their outdated bathrooms needed updating, so they decided to remodel both their master bath and their hallway bathroom at the same time.  In about three weeks time we were able to complete the remodels with amazing results!

The homeowners selected beautiful new tile, Cambria countertops, new vanities, and updated light fixtures.  We were able to custom fit the new cabinets to meet their needs and match the wall cabinet in the hall bath to the style and color of the new vanity.

Both bathrooms were styled with the same design elements (tile, color, vanity), except for the differences in the showers.  The master bath is now home to a stand up shower with a custom made frosted glass shower door, while the hallway bath is suited with a tub and shower setup.

Check out the before & after photos below!  Ready for your own bathroom remodel?  Contact us here at Sass Construction to get the process started!  Serving Chanhassen and the Twin Cities area.


Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2013

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Interested in giving your home a fresh start for the new year?  Why not make some stunning changes to the first room you walk into each morning and the last one you use before going to bed each night – your bathroom!  Starting and ending your day in a room that is serene, organized, refreshing, and just plain beautiful can make a significant change in your outlook each day.

Here are a few bathroom remodel trends we at Sass Construction see sticking around for 2013:

1. Creating your Bathroom around a Custom Vanity:  An organized bathroom can make all the difference in how you feel each morning.  Building a custom vanity that is meant just for your things and your home is a wonderful way of making your morning routine efficient and stress-free.  Decide what storage you need and design the rest of your bathroom around it!

Custom Vanity & Cabinetry

2. Using Distinctive Tile and Stonework:  Tile and stonework can give your bathroom that crisp, spa-like feel that offers the soothing feel of relaxation.  Like a water’s edge running over washed up stones, we feel relaxed when we’re surrounded by things of nature, and earthy and neutral-toned stone is definitely on-trend.  Additionally, using stone and tile in your bathroom is more moisture resistant and can help prevent leaks, mildew, and mold.

Bathroom Tile & Stonework

3. Adding Eco-Friendly Fixtures: Not just finishing touches chosen for practicality or aesthetics, the fixtures in your bathroom, including toilets, faucets, showerheads, and bathtubs, can have a great impact on your water use.  Eco-friendly aspects can help you save money on your water bill in addition to saving the planet.  And since Green products have officially gone mainstream, you can now find everything from modern basics to stunning designs that will bring major impact to your room.

Eco-friendly Shower Fixtures

Ready to add serenity, organization, water efficiency, and a fresh new feel to your home’s bathroom?  Contact us at Sass Construction today to see how we can help you create the dream bathroom you will enjoy stepping into everyday.

Let’s talk Green…and I don’t mean green paint.

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011
Is it wood or is it linoleum?
Is it wood or linoleum?

I’m talking about Green Trends, ‘Going Green’ and Greenbacks (money, that is).

 We all want to do our part and reduce our footprint and make less of an impact on the environment. Choosing ‘green’ products to use in you remodeling is a great way to start.

 One of the most popular trends is in flooring. Cork and linoleum flooring is at the top of the list. This isn’t the linoleum flooring from your grandmother’s kitchen. It has come a long way and can look just like hardwood flooring, metal and a wide range of textures, colors and styles. Linoleum has always been popular with hospitals because it naturally has bactericidal properties that can help stop microorganisms from multiplying. Can you say “easy to clean” too. 

The Cork Oak tree is not harmed by stripping the bark.

The Cork Oak tree is not harmed by stripping the bark.


 Cork is leading the way as well. It is a renewable product. The Cork Oak trees are stripped of 1/3 their bark, which then replaces itself quickly without harming the tree.


So, if you want to remodel and keep up with the new trends, look down and use ‘green’ on your new floors.



















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