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Project Feature: Vintage Chanhassen Home Adds Dormer

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

What a beautiful and practical update!  The homeowners of this 1924 Chanhassen home wanted more space in their upper level.  Confined by the slopped ceilings on each side of the room and minimal closet space, the upper level was not being used to it’s full potential.

We were able to change all that and create a beautiful bedroom / living space for them!  In about 3-4 weeks, we remodeled the walls and roof by adding an extensive dormer to the structure.  Now complete with attractive shingle siding and new windows, the space is fresh, new, and more open then ever.

Check out the before and after photos below!

Ready to add more space to your home?  Whether it’s a dormer, an addition, or a remodel, Sass Construction is ready to step in and transform!  Get in touch with us today.  Serving Chanhassen, Chaska, Eden Prairie, Minneapolis, and the Twin Cities metro area.

Project Feature: Kitchen Remodel

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Fall is well underway and here at Sass we have several great projects underway as well! Most recently we completed a full kitchen renovation. The 1956 rambler had a small, outdated kitchen with a stairway in the middle of the home. The homeowners wanted to update and modernize their home. To do so, we began by redesigning the home’s footprint. We removed a bedroom at one end of the kitchen, giving us room to expand the dining room and enlarge the main kitchen area.

To help make the room look both cohesive and more spacious, we extended the hardwood used in the rest of the house into our newly renovated area. We added eco-friendly style with the addition of a recycled green stone countertop product.

The project moved along quickly and was completed in just two months! This was a great project to work on as the homeowners enjoyed getting their hands dirty as well. In the end we had a great home that both our company and the clients could be proud of!

Remodelers Showcase: September 28th – 30th

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

One of our favorite times of year is almost here – the Parade of Home’s Fall 2012 Remodelers Showcase. This excellent event, put on annually by the Builders Association of the Twin Cities, features 89 remodeled homes. Showcase project offerings range from kitchen renovations and additions to basements, garages and more. Sass Construction is excited to have a home included this year! Our project features the renovation of a family’s kitchen and family room.

Visit our home (# R38) on Friday, September 28 from 1:00 to 7:00PM and on Saturday, September 29 or Sunday, September 30 from noon to 6:00PM.

211 Mountain Way

To find us, follow these easy directions:

- HWY 7 to 101

- South to Pleasantview Road

- West to Near Mountain Blvd

- Right to Mountain Way

We look forward to seeing you out and about at this year’s Remodelers Showcase!

Fall Remodelers Showcase Entry

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012


Are you interested in viewing the latest and greatest in home remodeling projects? Stop by our Fall Remodelers Showcase Home on September 28th – 30th. Sass Construction is proud to have a beautiful project featured in this event! The Chanhassen home on display is a great example of our workmanship in action. As you will see, in this home we completely renovated the family’s kitchen, brightening the space along the way. We also helped them to open up the overall floor plan of their home making it a better area for entertaining and enjoying guests!

We look forward to seeing you at the Remodelers Showcase and answering any questions you might have about your next home remodeling project! Stay tuned for additional details and photos beginning in September!

Laundry Room Design Tips

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012


For most people, the laundry room is not their favorite room in the house. However, just like any other room, this functional space can benefit from some thoughtful form. Use these laundry design tips to turn your utilitarian room into a more organized and appealing space.

Thoughtful Layout: Like your kitchen, your laundry serves a very practical purpose. As such, the room’s layout must include work surfaces, storage, and room for the necessary appliances. Since your washer and dryer will likely be the center of your space, begin by placing these two appliances next to each to make for easy clothing transfer. From there, consider your laundry work process and create a designated space for each step.

For example, a sorting and prep station can be created with hampers designated for specific loads – lights, darks, etc. We recommend those on wheels to help make clothing transport that much easier. Next, consider a sorting and folding area. Install a counter at waist height to create a convenient folding station. Above, place storage cubbies with hampers in them to put each family member’s clean laundry in. If your laundry room is limited in size, consider front-load appliances that can fit underneath a counter for space maximization. Don’t forget to install a rod or hooks for those items that need to be air dried. Use a retractable clothing line for small spaces.

Careful Lighting: Oftentimes, laundry room lighting leaves something to be desired. However, this is a space that you will need to work in regularly and, as such, the room needs to be properly lit. Consider both ambient and task lighting when planning your space. Recessed lighting can be installed under upper cabinets for illuminating countertops and work areas, in addition to overhead lighting.

Customize Your Space: Just because your room is primarily used as a workspace does not mean that it has to be dull or drab. To the contrary, walls painted a pleasing color and artwork added to the room can help to make it a space that you want to return to! Don’t forget to include room for a built in radio or iPod dock so you can literally, “whistle while you work.”

Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Summer is officially in full swing! With the weather getting nicer and nicer, it is tempting to put off home improvement projects until later in the year. However, as with most things, when it comes to your home, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Check out our summer home maintenance list to keep your space in tip-top shape!

Clean Your Dryer Vents: In the same way that you clean and empty your lint filter after each use, you must also seasonally clean your dryer vents. Use a long-handled brush to clean the hose that vents air from the dryer to the outdoors. Be sure to read your dryer’s manual for specific instructions and to purchase a brush that fits you dryer’s lint trap specifications. Otherwise, this is something you can easily hire a company to do for you.

Clean Your Gutters: Warm summer weather provides a great reason to work outdoors. Take advantage of the fresh air and sunshine to clear your gutters of any dry leaves or debris that may have piled up in the months prior. While cleaning, take time to inspect your gutters for signs of separating from your home, sagging, or dipping.

Check Your Roof: Check your roof for any evidence of damage. Common signs of roof disrepair include curling, broken, or missing shingles. The weight of winter snow can often do damage to roofs – damage that is best repaired in warm weather months.

Spruce Up Your Doors: Our doors are never more open than in the summer, so be sure yours are working smoothly. Spray your doorway’s track generously with a degreasing solvent and use a screwdriver, wrapped in a rag, to clean the track out.

Clean Up Your Exterior: Use a summer weekend to spruce up your home’s exterior. Take a power washer and lightly wash your home’s exterior and deck.

We hope these tips have been helpful! Give us a call if you have any questions about a present or future home remodeling project – big or small, we do them all!

Edina Home Remodeling Project

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

We recently had the opportunity to remodel a 1956 two-story, walkout home in Edina. The homeowners, whom we have had the pleasure of working with many times in the past, asked us to make their home more accommodating for their now multigenerational family. Their goal was to create a bright and relaxing entertainment space appropriate for the adults, with a nearby play structure for the grandchildren.

We started on the home’s main floor. The family’s existing living room had an outdated fireplace mantel and surround, dated carpeting and white paint on the walls. Their floor plan also left something to be desired – the family’s office wasn’t adequately separated from the living room, making it difficult to use both spaces simultaneously. To punch up their space and make the lower level more multi-use, we removed the pass-through that separated the office and living room and framed a new wall in its place, eliminating the noise that had previously passed through to the office. We also installed a new fireplace face complete with a glass subway tile surround, replaced the existing carpet with natural maple hardwood floors, and repainted the walls with a bright and updated color.

On the lower level we reworked the family’s exercise space to better accommodate their equipment. We began by removing a wall and expanding the space. We also replaced the carpet with wood floors, repainted, and installed a wall-hanging widescreen television to enjoy while working out.

We also rearranged the basement to better serve the family’s multiple needs. Before the renovation, the basement had a hallway to the old exercise room and two closets for storage with a play area to the right of the existing fireplace. To better accommodate new needs, we removed one closet completely to give the basement more living area, remodeled the single existing closet to have a more functional storage area and converted the play area into a bar, complete with a wine cooler, microwave, sink, granite countertops, and maple cabinets. We installed new recess can lighting in the family room and pendant lights above the new bar area. But don’t worry – we didn’t leave the kids hanging. We also made a new and improved play area for the grandchildren!

We were so pleased with the overall outcome and, happily, our clients were as well!The family has since reported that their remodel resulted in a home the whole family loves! In their newly reorganized basement they are able to entertain the adults while at the same time provide a place for the grandchildren to play. A happy homeowner makes for a happy home remodeler!

Minnetonka Home Remodel – Kitchen and Addition

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Over the past three months we had the opportunity to take on a great home remodel, complete with one of our favorite projects – a home addition!  A Minnetonka family asked us to help them update their two-story 1960’s home by remodeling their kitchen and expanding with a home addition.  We started in the kitchen, opening up the space by removing three walls and eliminating the home’s drop-down soffit.  Next, to move the room into more modern times, we replaced the family’s dark stained, flat panel cabinets with custom white enamel cabinets and traded out their old and outdated Formica for new countertops!  To add warmth to the room, while also helping to establish a sense of continuity with the rest of the home, we replaced the outdated linoleum with oak hardwood floors.

With their newly brightened and more functional kitchen in place, our homeowners were ready for us to tackle phase two – the addition!  The family’s existing home had no first floor bathroom or laundry room.  To remedy these issues we designed an 18’ x 20’ addition to the back of the house – the perfect space for a first floor laundry room complete with laundry tub, washer, and dryer.  Also, in this space we constructed an elegant yet functional first floor bathroom.  To move the room from utilitarian to utopia we included a ceramic shower, a ceramic tiled floor, four foot wide vanity, and water closet.

Last, but certainly not least, we carved our space for a family room.  This particular lot backed up to a great wooded area which inspired us to add lots of windows – including a bump out bay window – and a glass patio door, perfect for viewing the wildlife that frequented this family’s backyard.  Finally, we installed oak hardwood flooring for warmth that flows throughout the rest of the first floor.

When all was said and done, the homeowners were particularly pleased with the way in which the new construction melded naturally with the existing structure.  And we were pleased to have another satisfied customer!  Are you ready for your own home renovation or addition? Contact us today to get started on your remodel or redesign!

Meet Barb Kearin – Sass Construction’s Bookkeeper

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Barb Kearin came to Sass Construction in 2000. With over 30 years as a full charge bookkeeper, Barb thoroughly and thoughfully manages the day-to-day accounting responsibilities of Sass projects.


Name: Barbara Kearin

Job title: Bookkeeper

How long have you been with Sass: I started in February of 2000.

What do you like best about your job: I like the remodeling industry, and am always anxious to see the “before” and “after” of the jobs.

Name one thing you miss about being a kid: I loved swimming, jump roping, and doing anything at all with my Grandparents!

What kind of activities do you like to do for fun: I like being a hockey, soccer and baseball Grandma. I’m in a Stamping Group, my husband and I are in a Card Club, and I’ve just discovered Words With Friends!

What do you like best about living in Minnesota: Without a doubt, the change in seasons. We’ve traveled to many nice places in the U.S. but I think Minnesota is as pretty as any we’ve seen.

If you could plan a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go: The Scandinavian Countries (and then just hop on over to Ireland).