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Green Remodeling Part 1 of 2: Green Remodeling to Protect Your Home & Save You Money

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Remodeling, in and of itself, is green.  Rather than starting from scratch, you are making use of resources and space that already exist.  Go you!  Green Remodeling Tips Twin CitiesBut now that you’re making the effort to remodel, let’s discuss what other eco-friendly or “green” decisions you can make that will ultimately protect your home (and your pocketbook) in the long run.   Here are a few strategies you might want to consider as you make remodeling decisions:

*Make a Plan – Green remodeling is purposeful and requires a good plan in order to create a home that is comfortable, energy efficient, and healthy.  Decide which remodeling efforts must be completed now, and which can wait till later, and then create a plan to do them with the least amount of waste.

*Consider Energy Use – Though we would all love to live in a zero energy home (where your home produces as much energy as it consumes) this can be a costly project to retrofit.   Start with smaller changes and work your way up to bigger ones.  Here are some energy-efficiency ideas:

  • Insulate windows and doors – This simple step can keep you from losing one third of your home’s heat during the winter and prevent just as much from coming in during the summer.
  • Check your attic and walls for proper insulation – Since heat rises, starting in your attic will make a difference in energy loss.  If you already have proper insulation in your attic, check the insulation on your exterior walls next.  Today technology exists that can take a reading of you home to determine what areas need extra insulation to preserve warmth.
  • Take big steps when necessary – Extensive changes, such as a new boiler or a window replacement, cost more and take longer, but may be your next steps.

*Re-use and Recycle – As you tackle bigger remodeling jobs, decide which aspects of your home can be reused and recycle as much of the waste as possible.

*Implement green products as you replace and remodel.  (Read more on this in part 2 here!)

Not sure where to start?  Check out this Green Building Strategy Checklist and decide which steps might be a good fit for your home or remodeling project.


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