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Front Door Clutter Control: Getting a Handle on Your Home’s Organization | Mudroom and Entryway Storage and Remodeling Tips

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Is your kitchen backed-up with shopping bags, shoes, and backpacks? Has your front door become a drop zone for all things that enter the house? storage ideas Twin CitiesIf you’re trapped in a lifestyle of ongoing clutter and not sure how to escape, we have a few simple tips that may just make a world of difference!

1. Have specific spaces set aside for storage and your family’s coming and going habits:

  • Identify “home base” storage spaces or consider adding one — building a mudroom, or remodeling your entryway or laundry room to create a storage area, might simplify your life for the long haul!
  • Add organizational structures — whether you create a new mudroom area or have limited space for an overhaul, consider building in some storage tools. Cabinetry can double as shelving or elegant home lockers. Benches are great for storage and seating – consider getting one with pull-out storage drawers, which are great for shoes. Hooks or wall cubbies help you utilize the upward space your wall may have to offer.
  • For inspiration, peak at 22 amazing mudroom and entrway spaces from hgtv here!

2. Create an organizational system within those space(s). Once you’ve identified a good on-going storage space, use these handy tips to put it to work for you:

  • Assign specific areas for each item that comes and goes through the entry of your home: shoes, bags, umbrellas, coats, backpacks, mail, etc.
  • Don’t forget to designate space for items that are only in your home temporarily – laptop bags or backpacks for instance may only be there for part of a day, but they need a home too.
  • Put extra hooks on the wall that can pull double duty – keys, lightweight coats, lunch boxes, umbrellas with string handles, etc will all come and go, but it’s nice to keep them up and out of the way.
  • Move things you use everyday to the forefront and keep longer term storage (season or occasional items) to a back cubby or inside a closet.
  • Leave one area for seasonal items that will change as the weather or sports season changes.
  • Commit five minutes each day to making sure items are in their place as they come and go.
  • Get in the habit of using the correct space for each item; if one space isn’t being used for a long period of time, consider moving that item’s space to a more practical area.

Ready to get started? Spend some time walking around the entry areas of your home and match your roadblocks with the tools above! Whether you’re ready to undergo an entryway or mudroom remodel to keep your lifestyle clutter-free, or you just need to add a few storage pieces, your goals are in sight! Need more mudroom or storage ideas? Consider the additional layout ideas from hgtv here.

Contact us here at Sass Construction if you need help creating space to better organize your home! Whether it’s a mudroom, entryway, laundry room, or other storage area, we can step in and create the space your family and lifestyle need! Serving Chanhassen, Chaska, Minneapolis, the West Metro area, and homes throughout the Twin Cities, MN with trusted remodeling and building expertise.