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Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen can be a challenging space. Often thought of as the “heart of the home,” kitchens have the unique distinction of needing to be simultaneously, utilitarian work areas and welcoming gathering places.  To get inspired to create a kitchen that best reflects your family’s style, take at look at this list of some of our favorite kitchen trends going into 2012.

Juxtaposition: Combining seemingly contrasting styles is an ongoing trend that we suspect will continue to be popular in 2012.  For example, pair modern painted white lacquer cabinets with black granite countertops or rustic hardwood floors.  The juxtaposition of light and dark, modern and traditional will create an instantly classic space that can easily survive style changes and ever evolving trends.

Furniture-Style Detailing: Fancy fixtures, such as decorative brackets or the more intricate hardware that you might find on armoires or other furniture can add a grand twist when applied to the kitchen.  On your base cabinets, try applying furniture-style feet to your toe-kicks to create the look of the currently popular unfitted cabinets.

Colorful Countertops: A pop of color can help to transform a space and what better place to put it than in your kitchen counters?  Showy surfaces and bright bold colors are becoming increasingly popular today.  Not quite ready for a bold blue tile counter?  More conventional surfaces such as quartz can provide a subtler color injection when the hue is bold and unexpected.

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Lower Level Finishing Ideas

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

lower-level remodel

Nothing seems quite as promising as the untapped potential of an unfinished space. However, these same exciting rooms can prove daunting when it comes time to determine just what direction you want to go. Consider one of these project options when it comes time to transform your lower level from a dark and dreary space into a room that your family will love to use for years to come!

• Home Theater: Avoid long lines and exorbitant ticket prices by bringing your theater viewing experience into your home. Common elements of a home theater remodel include insulating interior walls to help contain sound, installing wall sconce lighting and other dimming light options, sloping the floors to aid screen viewing, installing theater seating, and of course, creating a focal point for your screen.

• Bar: Are you still looking for that bar where everybody knows your name? Why not build your own? A lower level bar can serve as the perfect gathering place for family and friends. A true wet bar, complete with a sink and plumbing system, will afford the most entertainment options. In addition to the bar itself, great bar projects should also include conversational seating and entertainment in the form of a billiards table, juke box, or television focal point!

• Game Room: Whether you have a board-game loving family or a poker-playing group of friends, a game room is a space that can be enjoyed by all. Create a place with comfortable seating and plenty of floor space for lounging video game players. Make room for a pool table, billiards board or other large components for more traditional gamers. Functional and durable flooring will withstand whatever play time has to offer. By also creating a flexible room that can be easily rearranged to meet different needs, gamers of all types can enjoy the space day after day and through game after game!

• Wine Cellar: Convert your lower level space into a wine cellar to keep your favorite beverage within arm’s reach! Create a climate controlled environment by installing a cooling and insulation system to ensure your wine is well maintained and stored. Construct a storage and organization system to physically hold your wine. Finish the space off with an intimate tasting area for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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