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Laundry Room Design Tips

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012


For most people, the laundry room is not their favorite room in the house. However, just like any other room, this functional space can benefit from some thoughtful form. Use these laundry design tips to turn your utilitarian room into a more organized and appealing space.

Thoughtful Layout: Like your kitchen, your laundry serves a very practical purpose. As such, the room’s layout must include work surfaces, storage, and room for the necessary appliances. Since your washer and dryer will likely be the center of your space, begin by placing these two appliances next to each to make for easy clothing transfer. From there, consider your laundry work process and create a designated space for each step.

For example, a sorting and prep station can be created with hampers designated for specific loads – lights, darks, etc. We recommend those on wheels to help make clothing transport that much easier. Next, consider a sorting and folding area. Install a counter at waist height to create a convenient folding station. Above, place storage cubbies with hampers in them to put each family member’s clean laundry in. If your laundry room is limited in size, consider front-load appliances that can fit underneath a counter for space maximization. Don’t forget to install a rod or hooks for those items that need to be air dried. Use a retractable clothing line for small spaces.

Careful Lighting: Oftentimes, laundry room lighting leaves something to be desired. However, this is a space that you will need to work in regularly and, as such, the room needs to be properly lit. Consider both ambient and task lighting when planning your space. Recessed lighting can be installed under upper cabinets for illuminating countertops and work areas, in addition to overhead lighting.

Customize Your Space: Just because your room is primarily used as a workspace does not mean that it has to be dull or drab. To the contrary, walls painted a pleasing color and artwork added to the room can help to make it a space that you want to return to! Don’t forget to include room for a built in radio or iPod dock so you can literally, “whistle while you work.”