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Enjoy the Ambiance of the Kitchen Throughout Your Home! – Incorporate the Kitchen Into the Rest of Your House

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

The kitchen is today’s modern gathering place.  Kitchen EntertainingWhen families and groups gather at a home, it tends to be around the eating area.  Why are we drawn to the kitchen?  We love to eat, to lounge at the high countertops, to chat with the host or hostess while they prep, and the generally warm and well-lit ambiance of the kitchen space.

Want to spread your guests out, create a spacious atmosphere, and enjoy company throughout your home?  Try incorporating the kitchen into the rest of your house!  Here are some ideas:

Put in a Sunroom
-You can incorporate a sunroom directly off your kitchen, dining room, or living room, giving guests a new space to munch and lounge.
-They provide a warm and sunny atmosphere similar to many kitchens.
-While outdoor eating options (like decks and patios) are great, they’re temporary in seasonal climates.  Sunrooms are most popular in colder areas like ours.

Add a Kitchen Island
-Even smaller kitchens can benefit from a kitchen island or a high table for lounging or extra prep space.
-A kitchen island provides additional counter space at standing height, great for guests.
-An island is a great place for activities for kids and the whole family, whether it’s homework or game night.

Merge Three Spaces Into One
-Combine your kitchen, dining, and living room areas into a spacious open room.
-Removing walls will especially benefit a smaller kitchen, turning it into a bright and open area with space for gathering.
-Or keep the walls and add spacious, open doorways between the kitchen and living or dining areas, creating an airy pathway for guests.

Want to discuss more ways to create a dynamic, open feeling to your home?  Connect with us here at Sass Construction to talk about kitchen remodeling, creating an open space in your living area, and more!  Remodeling services for Minneapolis, the Twin Cities, and throughout the West Metro area of MN, specializing in interior and exterior remodeling.