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A Well-Lit Home: Lighting Options & Trends for Your Space – Part 2

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013
bathroom with chandelier and sconces

This bathroom creatively uses a chandelier combined with wall sconces to achieve a romantic effect.

Though it may seem like a small factor in  your home, we know that lighting can make a huge difference!  Picking up where we left off last week with Part 1 of A Well-Lit Home, here are four more lighting styles for your interior space, ready to provide the ambiance you’re looking for:

Recessed Lights – Tucked inside an opening in the ceiling, groups of recessed lights give off ambient light without making an overpowering design statement.  Often paired with a dimmer switch, this style of light also allows you to create a low light environment when you want it.  Recessed lights are popular in kitchens and living rooms, especially over islands or sofas and tables.

Chandeliers – Not just for the dining room anymore, chandeliers are adding style to kitchens, bathrooms, even entryways!  A chandelier can add romance, elegance, or modern style to almost any room.  One chandelier is great, but sometimes two is better –  try using a pair of smaller, low-hung chandeliers over a kitchen island or two larger ones over a long dining table. Peak at these beautiful chandelier uses from hgtv.

Wall Sconces – Sconces mount directly to the wall, and are usually used in pairs.  Often seen on either side of a fireplace or doorway, sconces have been a classic source of accent lighting for decades.  Sconces come in a variety of materials such as glass, metal and ceramic.  They shower indirect light on sections of the wall, often forming interesting shadows and backdrops.

Lamp Light – Though it’s important to install as much light as necessary at the time of your remodel or home building project, do not forget that table and floor lamps can be a key source of light for a room, and certainly add a lot of style.  Lamps allow you to swap out lighting on a more regular basis, especially if you like to decorate with the trends.

To create a well-lit, well-designed room, you’ll likely want to combine direct and indirect light, such as overhead sources with lamps or sconces.  Ideas flowing?  For some unique and trendy ways to use lighting in your home, check out these creative ideas from hgtv and then start planning how you can add ambiance, practicality, and charm (with lights!) to your new or remodeled space.

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Home Projects to do Now Before Summer Arrives!

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Yep, we’re all antsy for summertime here in Minnesota, but making good use of your spring now can enhance your summer experience that much more.  Here are some home projects you can tackle now to be ready for the long awaited summer:Spring Yard & Home Projects

Windows  –  Springtime is the perfect transitional season for putting in new windows, once we’re finally ready to let some air in.  Installing new windows now will help keep your home cooler this summer (and warmer next winter).  Adding new windows will not only improve the look and feel of your home, it can benefit your pocketbook, as ENERY STAR rated windows provide as much as a 30 percent reduction in energy use.  As summer approaches and the sun stays around longer each night, beautiful new windows will also bring a welcoming ambiance to your home’s interior.

Patios & Decks  –  Come summer, everyone in Minnesota is ready to get outside; but wouldn’t summer be that much sweeter with a new deck or patio to enjoy?  Making your deck and patio plans now will mean that installation can begin before summer grilling season does.  With more product choices for your deck than ever (treated wood, cedar, or composite), designing a durable retreat space for your family is worth the effort before summer begins.  Planning your outdoor space?  Read here for some more ideas from HGTV.

Siding  –  Whether you’re simply not in love with the color of your home or your old siding has taken a beating and needs a serious upgrade, it may be the perfect time to replace your home’s siding.  Vinyl siding has come a long way in recent years and new options for homeowners are bountiful.  New sidings, such as fiber cement from Hardie Plank and polymeric cladding from Everlast are even more durable than vinyl, designed to stand up to the harshest weather.  While you’re at it, upgrade your home’s insulation, an effective barrier for storing air, hot or cool.

Entries & Mudrooms  –  Summertime means lots of moving between the outside and in!  Is your entryway ready for the extra storage, gardening boots, and kid traffic the outdoor season will bring?  Update your entryway or mudroom now to include coat hooks, a bench for shoes (& sitting), and ample storage, such as cubbies or cabinetry.  Also make sure all door hinges are ready for the extra swinging and give them a good dose of oil if need be.  Need some fabulous mudroom makeover ideas?  Check out these!


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